Monica Lee: Surrendering does not mean giving up


Do you ever feeling like your are trying to manage everything? (Of course you do, it’s the holidays!) How about  how people think, respond and their outlook on life? Yikes! I have had to learn to surrender my “management” skills when I realized that I had a death grip on a few too many things!

Turns out having a death grip on my idea of how things should be, squeezes all the joy away. Easy for me to type and easy for you to read, but much harder to stop doing in real life! It always seems that the holidays magnify anything  that needs work in your spirit.

Tune in to this short podcast today. You might relate to my ride as I try to take my loop do loop roller coaster down to kiddie ride.  I realized I had too many roads coming into my rotary and I knew I needed to step back and surrender the timing of some of my “big plans.” Surrendering does not mean I am giving up, just loosening my grip and heightening my level of trust.

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  • Lisa Hetrick says:

    Holy shizzle I needed to hear this podcast today! I’ve been holding to everything with the said death grip you mentioned! Especially the “I cannot manage other people’s emotions.” You know, I think the concept of “ease, contentment and joy” for women are deeply embedded within us but we just don’t let them out.

    I need to LET THEM OUT! Thanks for the subtle reminder!

  • Caryn L Dahm says:

    I love this Monica! Thanks for the encouragement. Especially the part about not being able to control other people's happiness. As a mother of 3 (two being teens) I know we have to do a lot of relaxing and "letting go" of control. I'm forever having God show me to let other people (especially husband) be who they are. Thanks for the perfectly timed message. Blessings to you.
    – Caryn

  • Nikki Butler says:

    Your post was spot on today Monica! Just what I needed to hear. Happy, happy holidays beautiful soul!

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