Monica Lee: Risk taking and flourishing

So today I want to hear from you! What does flourishing in 2015 mean to you? Since this is my theme word for 2015, I explored what it meant to flourish to me personally and I was surprised by my own answer! It involved risking taking which in turn, I realized makes me vulnerable to failure. I realized that my attitude about the  word “failure” could either stop me dead in my tracks or spur me on to greater innovation.

Tune in to this short episode as I pull apart the beauty of stumbling around like a toddler trying new things. Then I want to hear from you in the comments,
What does it mean to flourish this year (or even this week!!) for you? 

Breaking it down can help, because if you want to walk on water...ya gotta get out of the boat! Scary!


I love my new planner. I am busy filling my January up! What? It’s only the 5th!! How about you? If you want to pick up a planner and notebook you can get them right on Amazon, here.



  • Lindsay says:

    Hi Monica, thanks for an upbeat, inspiring start to the new year. I have the Flourish planner and also the journal (my copy of the planner is missing Feb 13th but I embrace its quirkiness and don’t need a replacment, thank you!) I adore stationery but these are just lovely – thank you for dreaming them up and making them real. Here’s to a wonderful 2015. Lindsay xxxxxxxx

    • Monica Lee says:

      Thank so much, Lindsay! I am glad it was upbeat-funny mix when I am taking about failure and not being afraid of it, haha!

  • Melissa AuClair says:

    Loving each and every one of the podcast episodes! This one was special- thanks for being so transparent. For me, this year, flourishing means to be brave (my 2015 word) and thinking big. I’ve been dabbling and playing it safe for the past few years and now I’m ready to be serious. I’m also super excited to hear the announcement for the new Smart Creative Style class. I can’t wait to sign up! I LOVE my flourish planner; it’s perfect for a creative! Super excited to see what other things you are up to in 2015.

  • Great podcast!!! Flourishing this year, or at least the next months, will be discovering harmony around me. CeciliaXXXXX

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