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A lot of people come to me asking what they should charge for their work, whether it is for services, finished art, collaborations, freelance work, it’s good to know how other people are getting paid so I thought I would put together a podcast that might help you. By getting paid, I mean, how do you approach pricing out these types of jobs. Do you sign contracts ahead of time, do you get royalties, big fees?

This podcast is a look at some of the different types of jobs that I have gotten over the years and how they were structured.

I think the more knowledge you have, the better you can evaluate a potential offer. I remember years ago when I heard Penelope Dullaghan talk about putting a proposal together for some jobs, it changed the way I worked completely! At that time, I was just starting out so I was being approached by what I classify as “non art directors” for art. That classification doesn’t make the potential client bad or without a good budget, in fact I made good money being approached this way, it is just up to you to manage the process.

I plow pretty quickly though all this,  so pay attention, add comments if you have gotten paid in ways that I don’t mention.

My way is not the perfect way. This podcast is to have you see a different perspective. I am a bit opinionated and that doesn’t mean I am right or wrong, they are just my opinions. The bottom line is (and I am quoting a Proverb) “A workman is worthy of his hire.”

This also is not a war declaration on people who don’t want to pay what you think is enough. You control that bus, your attitude and your worth is everything and I want you to see all you bring to the table. You might charge different amounts for different people at different time of your career and that is OK. 

This podcast is not about dollar amounts.  It is an overview of what you might see when you start working in different areas. I want you to be smart, protect yourself and understand your value. Don’t ever think that person wanting to hire you is the bad guy but don’t be push over either.  Ultimately,  you both want to be happy at the end of any job.

Tune in to this episode so you make sure you are bringing your best “pie” to the table. I have info about Clarity Coaching here. 




  • Thank you so much for sharing this! All your podcasts are very helpful. I have a question, how should I charge for a small watercolor painting?

  • oh jessica, that is way too loaded of a question! haha! How much do you think people would pay? How much skill and reputation are you bringing to the work? These are all questions for you to contemplate as you price your work.

  • Danielle Celeste says:

    veritable feast of fruitful tips….you are such a great resource + cool chair illustration

  • Thank you for sharing all this wonderful information! I love your podcasts, I listen to them while I'm creating! They are very motivational and informative!

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