Molly Jacques hand letters a career

I have been obsessed with calligraphy and hand lettering lately. When I ran across Molly Jacques’ Introduction to the Art of Modern Calligraphy on Skillshare, I realized I had been seeing her work everywhere, on some of Sugar Paper’s stationery and at Great Lakes Lettering.  It was so nice to put a (pretty) face to  pretty work. I also was blown away when she said that when she began, she spent 3 months at 40 hours a week perfecting her calligraphy skills…what?! I had to have her on! Tune in, she is tenacious and talented and that certainly makes her a Smart Creative Woman!  In fact, I fell in love with her brushy script so much  that I used it for the new 16 Month planner that I am releasing SOON!! Check it out below!





Just love  her work! You can purchase her fonts or maybe even take a workshop from her, how fun would that be?!! Tune in and I’ll tell you more about my planner coming out soon! Bug hug to LeAnna Weller Smith book designer and cheerleader who helped with this project!


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  • Amber Savage says:

    Ooooo! I love the planner! Sign me up for both!!

  • lilyelle says:

    I’m so excited to listen to this but can’t get past 10 minutes due to the echo! so hard to listen to! is it possible to post a transcript or another way to read/listen to it?

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