Michelle Kohanzo gets to manage the creative and fun, Land of Nod!

I was thrilled to talk to Michelle Kohanzo who is the managing director of The Land of Nod. This company just brings out the best in everybody. How can a company bring out the best in someone? I think by being quirky, original, tapping into your inner creative child and by being  fun!

In this interview, she talks about her career and what it was like to be mentored. (The good and the bad.) She also talks about how she manages her position while juggling being the mother of 4 (Yes, 4!!) children! Michelle genuinely loves work  and her life. Her passion shines through!

Happy Boss = Happy Products = Happy Customers!

I was super excited to hear how she views collaborations with artists for The Land of Nod product line, woot! Listen until the very end to find out what to do if you have any darling ideas for them.

They have a pop shop opening in NYC in Soho for the holidays! She said it is ALL TOYS, how fun is that?! I am hoping storm Sandy doesn’t wreck the fun for opening night! If you are heading to NYC for any holiday fun, stop in! (136 prince Street between Wooster and West Broadway) It looks like it will open Nov. 7th, fingers crossed!

I picked out a few of my favorite things from their line, below. I am a big fan of well designed furniture built for “kids” because I think it’s sizing fits better in smaller homes and through tricky stairways! I have learned that from living in a lot of old houses!

Do you have any favorites from The Land of Nod? Post the links…I want to see! Give Michelle a thank you for her time as well! Here’s to hoping that one of the Smart Creative Women listeners designs a future product for them.

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  • alex colombo says:

    This is so cool. I was just going through the Land Of Nod catalog last night and really liked the last edition. I marked so many things I love! Fantastic interview Monica! and Michelle’s fun and very practical view, so inspiring!

  • ali says:

    Terrific interview! It was great to get a little insight into the Land of Nod & how open they are to collaborating with independent artists & truly seek them out. What a lovable company! We’ve had their art table for 5 years & counting. The paper rolls are always stocked & out so whenever my little ones are inspired to draw, it’s waiting for them. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

    • Monica Lee says:

      Thanks Ali! I am so glad you liked it. I think they are a lovable company too!

  • As a fellow creative business owner (chartreuseinc.com) I couldn’t be more excited to listen to many of your interviews but this one wowed me so so much!!! Thank you, thank you! Michelle gave me so many inspiring tid bits to use in my daily work day. Thank you.

    Also, how do we get in touch with Michelle, would love to offer her the use of my 1972 Airstream as a fun pop up! While double decker buses are cool, airstreams are the best!

    Have a great week and keep sharing great stuff! Thank you.

  • Natalie Ryan says:

    A fantastic interview that put a smile on my face! Great products that encourage creativity and imagination, produced by a wonderful team.

  • What a fun job she has!

  • Lesley says:

    What a great interview Monica and Michelle! So fun an inspiring.

  • I’ve always wondered about jobs like Michelle’s! How fun to go inside Land of Nod today. I also loved hearing about how Michelle balances work and life, family and career. Excellent interview!

  • Nicky Ovitt says:

    Great interview, Monica and Michelle!
    A nice change to have the insights of someone working as an in-house brand manager (among her many other duties.) Very impressed with Michelle’s story of building her satisfying career by dedicated hard work after beginning in customer service. Also enjoyed hearing about her mentor— an idea I wish was more common in the business world. I’ve loved Land of Nod forever… watch out, Michelle— I just might hit you up soon to check out my work! Thanks ladies!

  • I am a purse-a-holic!!! you can never have too many bags! loved this interview!

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