Michelle Armas and her beautiful abstract expressions

Michelle Armas is living proof you can combine talent, authenticity  and business savvy with fine art.  I LIKE her (insert thumbs up here!) She has a great story about how she got started with her life “online.” Michelle has been smart when it comes to selling art and promoting her brand. (Yes, a fine artist cannot ignore good branding!) She talks about the tools she took away from her (miserable) first job before she threw herself into her painting. She has good things to offer in this interview (how a  particular passion fuels her art.) I love that Michelle is showing us that you CAN define yourself in galleries and online. Smart cookie, that Michelle, and sage advice too!


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  • Michelle Schneider

    love this interview! especially the part about not caring if people are critical of your work. everyone has to start somewhere!

    • Michelle Armas

      I am glad that you got the message about being thick skinned to criticism! I wish I could give people the gift of not being afraid to show themselves 🙂

  • Beth Parker

    Thanks, Monica! Michelle was a real joy to listen to.

    • Michelle Armas

      Thanks Beth!

  • Melody Cassen

    I loved Michelle’s vibe and thoughts on making artwork she enjoys, while being creative at how to go about selling it. Not limiting herself to purely the fine art galleries, but entertaining licensing into the mix as well as collaborations with other artists. I also come from a graphic design background, lived in NYC for a while and now am beginning to create my own personal works of art living in the south. 🙂

    • Michelle Armas

      Wow! Sounds like we are sisters from another mister 🙂 Good luck with your art adventure!

  • Enjoyed listening to the interview and totally related to the negative feelings work inch in the cutthroat corporate atmosphere… Often people think that means we are weak… But perhaps we are just listening to ourselves and taking the healthier route in life!

    • Michelle Armas

      Amen Linda! This is such a big topic for me. Why do we let others define what strength is, even at the expense of our own intuition! I know its a strong person who goes against the grain and does what is best for them and I think that is true power!

      • well put – thanks for your sharing!

  • Jessica Bishop

    Loved this interview! Michelle is so smart and her paintings are gorg! Thanks for introducing me to her lovely work 🙂

    • Michelle Armas

      Thanks Jessica! Sign up to my newsletter for great deals, I have so many cool new things coming up now.

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  • Rosalina

    This was really inspirational. Love Michelle’s art!!

  • Gabriella Buckingham

    I LOVE this woman – thanks Monica for another fabulous interview. Been to read a key early post by Michelle on her site that she links to with tiny type 🙂 Great to read the honest story of the work that’s needed and how it just isn’t plain sailing – not because it should be difficult but because it often is. I often feel like a deer in the headlights with all the potential avenues I could go down and it’s great to read about someone finding their way. Thanks Michelle 🙂

  • April Heather Art

    Oh I’m such a fan. I love Michelle’s tell-it-like-it-is attitude! Her work is stunning and you can see her passion in each stroke. Great interview–totally inspired!

  • Mary Lou LaBerge

    Another great interview Monica! Understanding how she blends her creative side with her business knowledge was extremely informative.