Michael Storrings, a Creative Director who makes time to create!

I came across the work of Michael Storrings years ago when I was wishing away at a freelance career. I emailed him for advice having no idea that he was a Creative Director at St. Martin’s Press. He was kind enough to answer my email, give me some tips and I was off to the races. Fast forward a couple of years when I was a bit more clued in and we ended up working together. (Note: sometimes just asking for honest advice and not for work may be a good thing.)

As I have kept up with Michael, I was particularly intrigued by the fact that Michael is a prolific book designer, manages other artists for book projects AND he creates his own art for books and licensing! Yes, at night...when the rest of us put on our jammies and pour a glass of wine, Michael finds time to sink into his art and get creative.

I loved this interview with Michael as he explains the hand painted ornament collections that he designs for Landmark Creations and the books that he has written to accompany them.

First of all, fabulous gift idea ornaments, book and custom prints, I love it!

Do you love NYC? How about The 12 Days of America as a gift idea?  You have to hear how Michael has made this all happen.

But don’t think for one minute that I let him get away without him sharing how he hunts down new talent as a Creative Director at St. Martins Press, I think his answer will surprise you!

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  • Patricia Schmitt (Pickyme)

    Best boss ever! So amazed at all he does. I adore his art and ornaments. Thanks for posting a wonderful interview.

  • This was such a fascinating interview.  I create state collections.  I live in Louisiana, so it is my most popular. I have been creating my designs since 2008.  Though our styles differ, when Michael shared the feelings that accompanied his art work…my heart was in total agreement. I guess we have kindred hearts…

  • Fascinating interview! Michael Storrings is my inspiration. I love that he manages to work a full time job and that he keeps going with his own creative pursuits.  Love his work too!  Many thanks Monica.

  • Kim Miller

    Great interview — you asked all the questions I would have asked if I were talking with him. Michael is inspiring as an artist and a person. He seems very genuine and is so generous with his knowledge and experience.
    Thanks for the post, and the fantastic blog!