Merrilee Liddiard from Mer Mag


Everything about Merrilee Liddiard says, playful, imagination and creative! I had so much fun interviewing this artist, author, designer and blogger (and mom!)  You are going to simply love her! She is the popular author of Mer Mag and she makes me want to be a kid again. She throws parties, she is always thinking up kids projects (so you don’t have to.) She has a fun “after school” workshop over on  and she is about to release a new book, Playful.  Don’t have kids? Don’t let that stop you from learning so much in this interview! She is a smart cookie and has developed a sense of style and business smarts that will keep her on your radar screen for years to come! This is a must see and she is a must follow (Yay! Makes me so happy!)

There is a such a fun innocence to what she produces AND she adds her own aesthetic to all her projects! That is why I invited her into Smart Creative Style to talk more about arriving at her style. (It starts Aug 25, 2014!)

Check out her adorable art in her etsy shop, Tuesday Morning and on her brilliant instagram account!  We mention the hash tags #amidsummermingle and #tinytravelertilda

Merrilee’s book Playful comes out Sept 16,  2014!

playful_mermag You and your kiddos can take Kids Craft Camp at

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  • Michelle Schneider says:

    Merrilee, you are seriously one of my artist role models! I absolutely love your style and warmth and am so inspired by your story. It’s impressive to me how you ladies balance your life, your kids and spouses, and still keep the passion alive for your careers. Just loved this interview and feel so encouraged! Especially since I’m about to have a baby and am wondering how I’m going to juggle it all…

    • Monica Lee says:

      I liked this interview too! It’s been awhile since I had a little one but i would say, lower you expectations of yourself. Sounds crazy, right? I think a big thing that every new mom could use is to let themselves off the hook. Just sink into being a mom and then the relaxed creativity will flow better!

    • Merrilee Liddiard says:

      Oh Michelle this is so sweet! Congrats on your baby and the new journey’s ahead! It will be filled with magic chaos I’m sure. xoxo Mer

  • Karen McGowan Steinberg says:

    Great interview and beautiful work! Very inspiring also! Merrilee’s illustration and style are very fresh and so light-filled and airy; great branding work!

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