Meredith Walker on Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

Audio Podcast:

What happens when girlfriends come together with a good (and SMART) idea? Magic! Meredith Walker and Amy Poehler (Yes, Amy Poehler  the actress and funny lady)  met while working at Saturday Night Live (which I am sure is a mixture of  wild torment and wild fun) They became fast friends and as they talked  about the lively free moments of their youth they wondered  when and why they  started “holding back”  their personalities as they became women. Then they got the idea to help  girls (ok and grown women) maintain their sense of selves, to laugh, explore and embrace who they really are.

These ladies want to celebrate individuals who are changing the world’s by simply being themselves. 

Well, YOU KNOW I am all over that, right? This is a really enjoyable (lots of giggling) conversation. Grab a cuppa and have a good time. You JUST might see yourself somewhere in this talk!

Amy’s Smart Girls, it’s a show, it’s a movement, it is something that you need AT EVERY AGE! You can watch their YOU TUBE channel here. Some of their shows are Ask Amy, Smart Girls at the Party, Operation Nice and a Google hangout #SmartGirls. This is a REALLY good show/website to pass on to any adolescent girl you know (or to a mom of one!)


Here is a PINNABLE!


I love their motto “You change the world by being yourself!”


“We wanted to celebrate the non-celebrity,” says  Amy Poehler. “We wanted to embrace and highlight the cool period in any boy or girl’s life where they’re just so full of possibility and ideas and passion.” 

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