Meredith Mahoney Senior Director at Birch Lane

Fun! Today I am chatting with Meredith Mahoney founder of Birch Lane, one of Wayfair’s newest brands. Birch Lane is a fabulous lifestyle/home decor brand specializing in what I consider the “new classic” look. You have to tune into today’s episode to find out how Meredith put together this brand and what she thinks about the type of woman who shops at Birch Lane. Their customer is NOT old school traditional, she is “new school traditional” buying furniture to last and then layering in her space because SHE wants her environment to look and feel a certain way.

I loved hearing how @BirchLane “thinks” about their customer! click to tweet

This view point can be applied to YOUR business no matter what the size. She and her team get it and the proof of that is the fast growth of Birch Lane this past year. Meredith and I also discuss the real life juggle of being a mom and an executive (always good to hear how other woman are doing it!)

What kind of New Classic look do you like? A bit of Classic Chic?


Or perhaps Cottage Classic ?


Or do you lean a bit more Urban Classic? Let me know in the comments! This is just the sort of things we explore in Smart Creative Style and it can be so telling about your creative style!


Ok, I had to add this adorable wheel barrow serving dish! How cute is that with the pitchfork and shovel utensils? Maybe I am a classic wit girl 🙂



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  • Melissa AuClair says:

    Loved this podcast! The way Meredith approached her career is incredibly insightful; I never would have characterized a degree in architecture as a problem-solving degree that would open up so many opportunities. I’m not familiar with Birch Lane- what a fun company to explore 🙂

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