Melody Miller dreams big with Cotton and Steel

You have to hear this story!! I love  a courageous woman willing to strike out and do something BIG and this guest has done just that! Melody Miller has designed a life and a creative business exactly the way she thought it needed to be. This is a GREAT story about a creative woman who was unhappy with her earnings, knew she had more to offer and knew that she could (and should) be compensated in the right way did something about it. I love everything about the story of how the new fabric company, Cotton and Steel fabrics came to be.  Melody had a unique vision for what the fabric industry needed at this point in time,  so she prepared a BIG PITCH to the CEO of RJR fabrics to get him  to unite in her vision. The rest is….well, the rest is in the interview,  SO TUNE IN!!! It is such a motivating story of a creative dream,  good art plus  bold  manufacturing.  I think it will all equal great success!

You can see sneak peeks of the crazy talented artists from Cotton and Steel and their new fabric lines on the Cotton and Steel instagram. Check out the link to the documentary while you are there!


You can follow MissLetterM (Melody herself) on instagram here! She certainly is one to watch!

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  • Lovely to hear how amazing things can happen when you really believe in your work – it’s definitely a totally inspiring story!

  • Michelle Schneider

    Such an inspiring story! I love to hear how she came back from feeling defeated. We’ve all been there and it really shows such strength and innovation to come out of that with optimism, hope, and strong new brand!

  • Nicky Ovitt

    Beautiful. Brave. Bold. Go Melody and Cotton + Steel!

  • Genevieve Gail Swinford

    WOW, what a cool story! I love hearing about people just going for it and making things happen! Way to go, Melody! (and love your new space, Monica!)

  • Melissa AuClair

    Really neat interview- I love how resourceful Melody is!