Meg Biram designs a creative career

Does it look like hanging out with Meg Biram would be fun? Well, it is! She is fun (and gorgeous!)  very smart and super down to earth! Meg is a social media and branding  strategist, life style blogger and artist! I was surprised to learn that she got her start at Hallmark. She says she learned a lot working for a large creative company and it shows. Meg knows how to get things done, work with big brands and how to expertly adapt to the changing world of blogging and social media.

You can keep an eye on her as she starts up the Creative Collective in D.C.  grows the B-Bar and as she has fun and paints on instagram! Smart cookie for sure! Meg is one to watch!



You can follow Meg on instagram here  

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  • Jeanne Williams says:

    Great interview! Meg is so inspiring. I love the tips about making the calls yourself and just doing it. It's so easy to overthink everything.

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