Meagan Morrison from Travel Write Draw


Today I am interviewing the talented Meagan Morrison from Travel Write Draw. It is always such a treat to connect with someone who’s work for have admired for sometime. Everything she does is right up my alley! She is a fashion illustrator with an eye towards the beauty of travel. Yum, right? She makes you want to pack your bags!! She is a highly skilled runway illustrator as well and I just love love that this form of media is making such a strong comeback!

Tune in and hear how she got her start, how she grew her instagram following to 127k which translated into a lovely client base and to hear the advice she gives to someone just starting out. Hint: It’s good money advice! She was such a delight to talk to.

Talent, fashion, travel…what is not to love about Meagan and what she does?! Follow her instagram feed here and check out her work here.