Master pattern designer Jenean Morrison

This is a fun one! Jenean Morrison is a uniquely talented surface pattern designer, nobody, and I mean nobody, can wield Adobe Illustrator like she does!

Not only that, take a look at her hand painted fine art!!  Incredible, right? How can anyone pay that much attention to detail? I think she must have been a surgeon in another life. Jenean’s fabrics are beloved with quilters everywhere. She has created luscious 10 fabric collections for Freespirit Fabrics.

She recently pushed herself and opened The Jenean Morrison Store that features her artwork on an array of products. including her coloring book. Adorable! you can buy it right off Amazon! She also gave herself a personal challenge to create patterns for Perfectly Patterned.

I think Jenean Morrison and her innovative spirit are worth keeping an eye on!


jenean_directoryofillustration_72 jeneanpainting2_72


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  • Congrats on beautiful blog facelift! Looks great.
    I’m excited to watch/hear you and Jenean chat.
    Love her work!  Plus she’s a really nice person.
    And oh my gosh, how did I not know about Perfectly Patterened? 

  • Jennifer

    Beautuiful job on the site redo!  It looks, smart, creative and feminine!

  • Jenean

    Monica, thank you SOOOO much for having me on the show!  It was so much fun! 

    I’ve had a couple of people ask me about Seth Godin.  The book was “Poke the Box”, and here is a blog post he did on “picking yourself”:  

    Thanks again!

  • nina

    My 6 year old artist will LOVE this coloring book…she’s very focused and detailed when it comes to drawing, painting and coloring…awesome idea! 🙂

    • JeneanMorrison

       That’s so great!  I hope she enjoys it!

  • Betz

    Hi Monica,
    I love Jenean’s attitude! I really needed to hear the statement “pick yourself”. I started most of what I do that way and I think I need to revisit what I call going “little red hen”. Thanks you two!

    • yeah! I am so glad you enjoyed it! Not saying “pick me, pick me” makes you feel more in charge of your own destiny!

    • JeneanMorrison

       Thank you, Betz!!

  • Cynthia

    Hello Monica,

    This is one of my favorite interviews! It was so full of useful information along with inspirational art work. Jenean’s optimism and enthusiasm is infectious – that helps me combat self doubt 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    • Jenean

       Thank you, Cynthia!  I’m so happy you enjoyed the interview!  Monica is so easy to talk to– I really opened up! 

  • okay, Monica and Jenean, you both are ladies I want to have lunch with! Fun, Smart, enthusiastic, positive, motivating & oh so much more. Thanks for sharing. I am inspired!

    • JeneanMorrison

       Thanks, Terri!  I’m so happy to hear you found the interview inspiring!  And yes, lunch!!

  • Cpatti

    I recently discovered you Monica Lee, and I feel like I have a new friend !! I have absolutely love loved every interview! I just really appreciate all the nuts and bolts info that comes out, thank you!
    A question, what is ALT you and jenean were referring to?

  • Another great interview! I REMEMBER those giant doodle books! Wonderful to hear all the directions Jenean is branching out into and the inspired way she’s refocused her efforts. Love her work and appreciate her insight into the industry— Thanks so much ladies… Have a great time at ALT!

    • JeneanMorrison

       Thank you, Nicky!  I just looked at your website– your work is gorgeous!  I love the illustrations running through your designs!  Beautiful!

  • amazing designer… inspiring and motivating us to create wonders… just like her !

    • JeneanMorrison

       What a lovely thing to say!  Thank you so much!

  • Caroline Simas

    Love your beautiful work Jenean! Great interview Monica! Blessings to both of you:)

    • JeneanMorrison

       Thank you, Caroline!  I love your interview (and your gorgeous work) so much!

    • Thank you Caroline!

  • Genevieve Gail Swinford

    Another great interview, Monica!  Jenean you are one of the sweetest people in the “biz” and I’m so inspired by your take charge approach!  Congrats on all of your new endeavors 🙂

    • JeneanMorrison

       Thank you, Genevieve!  I really appreciate that!!

  • JeneanMorrison

    Thank you, Tammie!!

  • JeneanMorrison

    Thank you so much, Vickie!

  • Oh yes, lunch yum! And thank you for the website shout out!

  • Agent Valentine

    LOVE Jenean!! How great to hear & watch her speak!! Great interview!! Thank you!!

    • JeneanMorrison

      Thank you! I’m so glad you watched and enjoyed!!

  • Sue Allemand

    What a great interview Jenean! You’re so fun! It was so nice to hear that other artists are stepping into “their own” – and taking charge of their own happiness! I’m doing the same – but I ditched the agent, ditched the magazine projects – and I’m starting to produce my own products and designs! I still have a few licensing clients – but I’m not actively seeking anyone’s approval but my own! It’s so much more fun and you can take a design trend or idea and run with it – instead of waiting for approvals that take months…AFTER you already spent the time on the artwork! Good Luck! I’m off to check out your site!! (UGH – isn’t designing your website a pain though – it’s taking me forever to make decisions – because I want it to be perfect! haha) Take Care!

    • JeneanMorrison

      Thanks so much for the kind comment, Sue! I’m happy you enjoyed the interview! I love hearing about so many people taking charge and doing it for themselves!!

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