Mary Beth Cryan engineers a creative career

How fun is this? Mary Beth Cryan always has something unique up her sleeve. As an illustrator, paper engineer and product developer her creativity operates in overdrive. I remember standing in a funky shop in downtown Providence looking at a crazy math clock and I hear Marybeth say, “I designed that!” It turns out there is a fair amount of math involved in paper engineering! She makes me wish I had paid better attention in school! You simply must listen in to hear how she makes all this fun happen!

But what is really interesting is how Mary Beth has developed her business model over the last several years. She talks about it in depth in this interview. She does specifically targeted marketing, she develops concepts from beginning to finish for a client and she educates them on the time involved to execute the work. This way she makes sure she gets paid the right amount for her time and skill. I know this seems like a simple idea but again and again we have clients tell us what they pay instead of us educating them on what we need to earn. Let’s shift that!

You have to watch the interview to see all the products that she toted over to my studio! It all makes me feel like a kid!

Here are links to her books, Dinos and  Critters. Here is a link to the fun bobble heads! If you like the centerpiece idea, you can find it here. Her cards from the MoMA are here.

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  • What a wonderful interview today! Thank you Mary Beth for sharing your story and your work!

    • You are welcome. Thank you for watching and for the kind words about my work.

  • Your work is AMAZING! Love it!

  • What a great interview!!!

  • such a great interview! I love paper toys!!

    • I’m so happy to hear you liked it. I really enjoyed your interview as well!

      • thanks Mary Beth!!! thanks to Monica for bringing us all together!! Hey Monica!!! when are you going to have a smart creative women convention so we can all hang out ?????

        • Monica Lee

          Oh I want to so badly! I guess I could use a couple of investors…..

  • Yes Claudine! I’m in for a smart creative woman convention!

  • maybe if we all want it we can make it happen!!! go monica!!!

  • Thanks for the insightful interview! My little ones and their friends definitely will be receiving some of your products as gifts this year! They are so unique, fresh, fun and clever! I really love the dinausours! :). And you look adorable in your super cute necklace, Monica! :). Made me smile to see you wearing it!

  • Can I come even though I’m not a woman LOL? Fabulous interview – Mary Beth is so talented.

  • Monica Lee

    Absolutely Chris! You are welcome anywhere-you have that “super talented” passport thing going for you!!