Mary Beth Freet from Pink Light Studio


Oh my gosh! Fan of art licensing? You need to watch this! Trying to figure out how to make it in that biz? You need to watch this! Need to motivation to start a new business but are afraid you don’t “know” enough to get started? You need to watch this! Mary Beth Freet  from Pink Light Studio is a woman who just went for it and made a business for herself AND for other artists as well. You know I like ALL creative women and you know artists are near and dear to my heart so I get  pretty detailed in this grilling (oops!) interview.  Thank you, Mary Beth, for going deep with me on this subject!

The reality is that art licensing is good for some artists and not the best for other artists.  It is not one stop shopping for your career and I never want to pretend like it is some magic pill BUT I do believe society as a whole is responding to good art and design on products.  It is our job collectively as creatives to make sure we get fairly compensated. Part of that  journey is to become educated and it was refreshing to hear that people helped Mary Beth when she was starting out. I love seeing generosity at work.

Now Mary Beth is moving and grooving in this industry. I get the impression, Mary Beth Freet would move and groove in ANY industry. She is not afraid to learn, work hard and put herself and the artist she represents out in front. If you are attending Surtex stop  by  booth 417, the Pink Light Studio Booth and say hello! In the meantime, check out their new website. Nice job!

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  • genevieve_gail

    Loved this!!! Mary Beth and/or Monica, would you mind touching a little more on limited usage? Is that a flat fee for a specific category that the company has rights to FOREVER, or do you put a time limit on the usage like a regular license agreement? Thanks so much and hope you have a great Surtex! 🙂

    • Mary Beth

      Hi There! Thank you! yes, flat fee for specific category (try to limit it to what they will really use it for). You can put a time limit on it, we usually will do 2 years or three years. It CAN be unlimited time for their category which some clients require, but I push for 2 or 3 years. If they want to pay less then you can always do 1 year with the option to renew for an additional fee. Hope that helps!

      • genevieve_gail

        Totally helps! Thank you, Mary Beth!

  • JeneanMorrison

    Great interview!! I love Mary Beth’s energy! And I love how she wasn’t afraid to dive right in and figure things out along the way– her fearlessness is very encouraging! Thanks, ladies!

  • Shannon Crandall

    Great interview Mary Beth and Monica……I love how you both shared so much information about licensing and Surtex. I was accepted to do Surtex this year, but decided that I needed to do a walk through this May before I take the leap! Thanks Monica for that advice:) I am a mixed media painter/collage artist and after hearing your interview, I am wondering if my type of work gets licensed and if I would need to make layered files in photo shop of my images……I am a newbie for sure, so I want to gain as much info before next years show so that I am ready!

  • Great interview Monica. Mary Beth you rock!

  • Lynnette April Cooper

    agent questions were answered. I have this huge collection of Owl Art” that I want to license. I really think doing a show at Surtex is a good idea. Monica Lee thank you for asking so many questions on licensing art work. My daughter took a class last Saturday with an artist and an artist lawyer. They only touched on an artists bio and an artist blog. You girls were so much help!!

    Have a great art week Monica Lee**

  • Lynnette April Cooper

    Hi Monica Lee and Mary Beth!! Part of my comment was deleted by my computer? Great questions were answered.

  • Yay! Such an awesome interview, Monica! It’s so great to see Mary Beth on your show! Mary Beth, thank you for all the hard work, support, and encouragement that you give! You rock!

  • Joy Hall

    Monica…. whereas I enjoy and learn from all of your interviews, I think this was the most informative one you have done regarding art licensing. It was great!

    Thanks for all you do!

  • Nicky Ovitt

    Thanks, Monica and Mary Beth. I had been saving this interview as my Friday treat. Excellent information in the interview AND comments below. Congrats on your new Pink Light website, Mary Beth… it’s very nice. I’ve been following your studio for while now. Best of luck at Surtex!

    • Mary Beth

      Thanks Nicky!

  • Stephanie Ryan

    Loved this interview! I met Mary Beth two years ago at Surtex when I was trying to get started and she was so nice and said the sweetest things to me. I have been watching her studio grow and love everything she is doing! Another great one, Monica!

  • Mel Pope

    That was a great interview, thanks Mary Beth. Your company sounds fab and you clearly love what you are doing. Wishing you lots of success. Enjoy !

  • Michelle Schneider

    This is one of my favorite interviews so far! All the advice is so practical for someone like me who is at the beginning of her career and looking for ways to move forward. I just bought Lilla Rogers book after watching her interview and kept thinking “people buy your joy” as I was watching this one. Thanks so much Monica for all the resources you are bringing into my life!

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  • Heatherlee Iverson Chan

    Monica, thank you for interviewing Mary Beth! She is a doll! And this kind of information in turn makes US “SMART” creative women. I wish I had seen this a few months ago for the info on selling the rights to images. Oh, well…lesson learned. Thank you Mary Beth for all that your shared!