Marketing advice from a guy I like to call Mr. Marketing, Tom Henell (PS I love this guy!)

Special treat! Special treat! It’s my handsome husband, Tom Henell, being grilled by me! I have mentioned in several interviews that my husband has a background in marketing, truthfully, he has a background in common sense! Haha! This is short and sweet, taped from our vacation spot on Newfound Lake in NH. He gives insight to the question, what is the number one way to think about marketing?

Tom climbed Mount Washington this week. I keep hearing the song from Sound of Music in my head….”climb every mountain….” He is off to climb another one today! He did say when “he comes off his mountain” (Sorry, I am full of puns today!) that he would be more than happy to field questions about marketing from you all! Just leave any questions in the comments section!

Above is the view from the house we are staying in! Gorgeous, right!? And here are my new sneaks-on my way to some R and R but with my laptop in hand! It has been wonderful, I have  been fleshing out some ideas for the Smart Creative Women community!

  • Oh. Tom, Monica! That rings so true.

    I can see my past mistakes, and my website is like a worn old shoe! working on updating but I really like the editorial advice. Makes perfect sense!

    I think a Tom series may be in order! : )

    • Monica Lee

      Haha! Laura, I am already on it! I think there needs to be a Tom series too!!!

    • Tom

      Monica gave me a hard time because I actually had a pair of worn old shoes that I wouldn’t get rid of. I showed her when I actually ran into Steve Madden in Times Square and was wearing his shoes.

      • I agree with Monica on the old shoes! I think Steve Madden would like to see you in a NEW Madden shoe next time! ; )

        (I have 4 sons and a husband… we lady-folk have to stick together! : )

        • Monica Lee

          4 sons! God Bless You! Thanks for stickin’ with me, haha!

  • Great interview and so nice to see you both! It’s apparent that your talents compliment each other!

    • Monica Lee

      Oh that is so nice, Carole! I hope I compliment him, he is wonderful!

    • Tom

      Thanks Carole.

  • Thank you Monica and Tom for generously donating some vacation time to share information with us. I still feel sending information packets to print magazines at the chance of a write up is better than being mentioned on some blogs. A lot of bloggers unfortunately look for freebies in order to include an article on their blog about your work, and I’ve read where this doesn’t necessarily generate sales for the artist.


    • Tom

      Suzanne, that is probably true. As I mentioned, there really is no one way for all, you need to determine what works best for you. And, quality over quantity is a good rule of thumb. Thanks, Tom

  • Monica,

    I enjoyed watching you both. I think Tom said it all when he spoke about execution. It is always a challenge as a small business owner when you wear so many hats. An art consultant I worked with once told me “you cannot always manage your time, but you can manage your prioriites.”

    That statement stays with me and helps me focus and execute.

    Enjoy the rest of your break….


    • Monica Lee

      I like that advice too, Colleen!
      I always think back to when I was constantly traveling, before I would leave I would ask myself-what do I absolutely need on this trip and do I have it? It helped set priorities. I still do that-what HAS to get done today?!

    • Tom

      Colleen, there’s a great time prioritization story about filling a jar with rocks. You need to put in your big rocks first if you want to get them in the jar. Helps you understand that you need to determine what your “big rocks” are. Thanks for listening.

  • What a great interview, Monica. I really enjoyed that and agree with Tom’s advice. I have owned a sign shop for 20 years and word of mouth keeps it busy, but the art business is a more fickle character. I think I’ll make myself a sign that says “Execute!” and put it in clear view, to remind myself to do just that.

    Thanks! I’m all in favor of a Tom series. I think more of Tom’s dialog will help us think of smarter questions.

    • Monica Lee

      Beth! I love that…a sign that says “Execute!” Of course, it might scare a new guest in our home but we will know what it means!

    • Tom

      Love it!

  • Thank you and your husband so much for giving his time to us. This was awesome information and a wonderful chance to hear from a marketing expert. I know for myself and probably so many other artists we have so many talents and ideas but don’t know how to get our business marketed successfully. Much appreciated! You should do a series of interviews if hubby is willing. I would love it!!

    • Tom

      Thanks Beth

  • Perfect. I too married Mr. Common Sense – just not in the marketing field. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Tom

      Common sense is under-rated!

  • great interview! he should def be a regular. would be fun to do case studies with different artists and show how they can up their marketing game. I would volunteer!!!

    • Tom

      Claudine, as a creative person, I definitely empathize with the challenges of artistic marketing. I’m up for the challenge!

      • I agree! You should definitely be on as a regular! 😉 So funny so many other ladies thought the same thing.

        I only listened but I could definitely hear the fun you two had. ALSO you’ve got some great insight.

        • Monica Lee

          Second round is coming up on Friday! Thanks Barbra!

  • Misty Thurman

    I’m thankful for your videos. This was SO very helpful. A short, sweet, informative kick in the butt!
    Thank you both!

    • Tom

      Short and sweet is good. Sometimes we don’t execute because we try to take in too much at once. Thank you.

  • Monica, loved listening to Tom’s advise. He has a nice calm energy….love the t-shirt! It would be great to hear more from him in the future.

    Keep up the good work! I love coming to your site for inspiration.

    • Tom

      Thank you Cathi

    • Monica Lee

      Cathi, I think he has nice calm energy too!

  • Thanks so much for sharing Tom and his great advice. This is the 3rd time I’ve watched because the first couple of times I found myself mesmerized by what a cute couple yall are! Lots of great advice, and I must work harder on the execution part of this job! Thanks so much!

    • Tom

      Sherry, Just wait until the 4th time ! Good luck with the execution.

  • You two make a great team! Thanks for sharing…and on your vacation?! Wow! What a a wonderfully supportive hubby. I LOVE that! I also have one of those. 🙂

    I have gotten so much out of all the interviews that I have watched as I continue to grow and change in my creative journey.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Monica Lee

      A supportive husband is the absolute best-I think if I had one piece of advice for a young woman looking for a mate, I would say, “One who believes in you!!”

  • Wendy

    This was great! I hope to see more, very informative!

  • Ron Moerbe

    Nice save there buddy!!!

  • Okay, that was really fun to watch. Not just the way you two interacted, but it was full of great advice- especially the “execute it” idea. (I wonder if Nike thought of that before going with “Just do it”. Anyway, I love your blog/vlog and am so glad to have found you (from the ALT class tonight). Now I’m off to watch your newer interview….

  • Wonderful interview! You two are a great team. We all look forward to “Monica & Tom, Part II”

    • Monica Lee

      Yeah! We are actually filming another one today! Thank you for watching!

  • Amazing advice! So smart – I’m really glad I found your blog, Monica!

  • PS. Definitely agree about finding a supportive mate – I too am very lucky and wouldn’t change him for the world! (How soppy!)

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  • Susan Drawbaugh

    Really great advice! … And you’re hysterical! Fun post????!