Maria Brophy dishes, advises and helps artists understand the biz!

I was so happy to connect with Maria Brophy, art licensing consultant and wife of artist Drew Brophy. Maria loves the art of the deal. She has been managing Drew’s successful art career for some time (check out their TV series) and she is passionate about helping other artists understand what they need to be doing to make money. Who doesn’t need that?! She uses specific examples in this interview… even citing that some companies use different contracts depending on how well known an artist is….WHAT?!! Let’s demystify this process!  This is some rich info here. I also enjoy that Maria shares how she and Drew work as a husband wife team. She falls under the “smart cookie” category AND she wants to help you figure your trickest contracts out! She has co authored an ebook with Tara Reed about contracts and she consults with individuals as well. Hooray! I highly recommend you reading through her blog, here is  one of the posts that we mentioned in the interview. Aren’t they just the cutest…oh, I mean coolest couple?

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  • Monica, thank you so much for the opportunity to be one of your guests. I had more fun in this interview than ever!

    You are a lovely person, wise and fun and someone I could hang out with if only we lived closer!

    Thanks – Maria

  • Taffy

    Great Interview Maria !!!

    • Thanks, Taffy. I appreciate that you are always following what Drew and I are up to – so sweet!

  • Great interview! Monica, you should come to San Clemente to see Maria so I can hang out with you too…xo

    • Monica Lee

      Ok! I fly for free still :))))) and my BFF lives in Redondo Beach

    • Hey Christine, thanks for watching!

      • I always get tons from you. THanks for being so generous with your insights and info. So cool you donated that painting to the TM project. They made a lot of money that night for a truly great man. His memorial service was off the charts inspiring….xo

  • Lorenzo

    Great interview Maria! I love your straight shooter style. As always, very informative and savvy.

    • Thanks, Lorenzo. Hey, if I don’t tell it like it is, who will??!!

  • uhhmm.. I’m a man. Is it ok for me to be here??

    Maria & drew are the best. Great people and so helpful. I enjoyed listening to this interview.

    • Monica Lee

      Haha! Yes, David-perfectly ok! Some of my very favorite people are men 😉 I am glad you enjoyed Maria, I think she is super helpful too!

  • Hey David, thanks for leaving a comment. And I feel the same way about you – I’m one of your biggest fans! 🙂

  • super great interview! I’ve had a consult session with Maria and she’s amazing!! lots of great tid bits in this interview!

    • Thanks, Claudine. I really enjoyed your interview with Monica, too! It’s fun watching someone on a video interview after getting to know them on the phone!

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  • Wonderful! Thank you to Monica and Maria for this valuable information!

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