Maria Brophy talks copyrights

Copyrights! Copyrights! Maria is back!! Let’s get serious about business before we head into the holidays. Listen as Maria Brophy shares some wisdom on the subject. We are no nonsense about getting you to register yours! I even have a few tips how I get hard things like this done. Maria gives some insightful examples on the importance of it!

If you need  to hire a virtual assistant to get this done for you, my intern is for hire. Her name is Meghan Davis and she can figure anything out! Her email is

I didn’t want any stone left unturned, so check back tomorrow as I bring on attorney Kiffanie Stahle. She will fill in more details and tell us how to protect our images online and what is the best approach….

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  • Always wonderful advice from Maria!! I file every 1-2 months online. Once you make the template it is so easy. Takes me 5 minutes!

    • Claudine, thanks for listening in! You are one of the few artists I know that’s on top of filing copyrights. That’s why I’ve been talking about it a lot lately, to get others to start doing it. I’ve heard of too many artists getting their work infringed upon, and there’s not much you can do without the filing.

      • it was challenging to get started doing it but having the template set up has made all the difference. although i am not as organized as you with the big excel spreadsheet!!

  • Gah! Ok, I gotta do it. I’m one of those artists that has never filed copyright because the volume of artwork I produce makes the task seem like…well…more like I need to take a nap. But a recent wake-up call with copy-right infringement has me figuring it out. Thanks for the good info, and I like the idea of working on a current group, rather than going back 12 years….which would be thousands of paintings.

    • Lisa, I know it seems DAUNTING to get started with filing! But here’s what you can do to begin: Just start with images you’ve created since Jan. 2012. File all those that have been published. Your first time to do it online will take about an hour, to read through and figure it out.

      Then, after you’ve done that first filing, do a 2nd for all images from Jan 2012 that have not been published.

      Then, go back to last year, and so on.

      You just have to get started!

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  • Janice

    Thanks for the kick in the pants–my husband is on it now!!

  • Eva

    Great info! I’m completely new to copyright and have some questions that I hope you can clarify… What do you mean when you talk about “published” (“copyright all artwork that you publish”)? Is that when I place the art on my etsy store? What about when I put it on my blog or website? I guess all that would be considered as the art being “published”?
    And I’m sitting here wondering if/when I should do the copyright in the US… I am from Europe (Sweden). Do I need to do copyright in the US if I get an etsy-customer from the US?
    Great idea about the excel-sheet!! 
    I am really grateful that you share your knowledge so generously! 

  • so glad i came across this. Will be doing this asap! Thanks @7cc1fb2e257168ad0e987738d4bb2500:disqus and Monica Lee

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  • Lynnette April Cooper

    Hi Monica and Maria!! Thank you for discussing copyrights!! I have over 275 pieces of art work in the same style!! My daughter Emily and I have discussed getting copyrights on all of it. Emily even took a class several weeks ago on copyrights for artists. The artist and lawyer never touched on getting copyrights?They tap danced around the question of copyrights. Now I know the costs and what to do. We thought each copyright item cost $35.00? But doing it in batches for $35.00 is do able. Thanks to you Monica and Maria we can start next week!!

    Emily and I are looking for companies to license my “Owl Art”!! We thought that the gift ware company filed the copyrights. Great to know that we have to do it. Also we should read the contract from a company through and through!!

    My question is can we submit 275 pieces of art work all at once? I have other art work to file to, just different style of art.

    Happy Mothers Day Monica!! So glad that I got up early and played your video!

    • Lynette that seems like quite bit to submit all at once but you can always try, right?! Some giftware companies say they will do it for you but that is not the best idea, in fact I think it can be a bit sketchy at best.

    • Heatherlee Iverson Chan

      I didn’t realize it was $35 for a batch. Woohoo! That is MUCH more affordable for an artist starting up.