Maria Brophy shares tips on finding an art sponsor and a secret tool she uses to make contacts!

Oh, tune in to this one!! This one opened my mind to the possibility of sponsorships..Maria Brophy really applies this idea in a way I had not thought of and it could really help you too! Maria also shares a  secret tool that she uses before she reaches out to potential sponsors and contacts. This was really interesting. It is an app called  and if you have a gmail account this may be HUGELY helpful in politely stalking checking people out before you contact them. Here is a great shot of Maria’s husband, Drew Brophy at one of his live  events.

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  • How fun! Very interesting interview and info. Thanks Monica and Maria for sharing the secrets!

    • Hey Alex, thanks for watching! Glad you liked it. Let us know if you have any topics you want us to talk about – always looking for new stuff!

  • This was a great topic for me. I have been thinking about getting a sponsor but hadn’t quite mapped out how to go about it. Since I teach my own workshops and do community events workshops this seems like a good opportunity for me to explore. Thanks for all the information. I’ll be bookmarking this interview!

  • Great interview! As a former teacher, I used to get donations for the classroom and this is a very similar process. Thanks a lot!