Manus x Machina Exhibit

I cannot say enough about this exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum! The thought behind it, the craftsmanship, the story, even the layout (although I did miss a section and have to go out and back in again). Ok, not the layout, but the space and lighting and ambience were fabulous. If you are able to get to NYC or are taking a vacation there and have an already been the the Met attitude,  go again. I have been to the last couple of the fashion exhibits that open with the Met Gala and this one is really good. I found this video explaining the idea behind the exhibit and it prompted me to fit it into my schedule. I completely enjoyed the haute couture craftsmanship as it was positioned next new techniques in fabrication. The entire exhibit made me want to come home and create something 3 dimensional!

fishfin gown

This piece below was done with 3-D printing technology, it was so incredible to see this up close.


This one creeped me out a bit, silicone coated gull skulls. It was such a mix of everything, leather, laser cut, pleating, embroidery all at it’s very best. Just incredible.





Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 1.28.04 PM

deaef09357621b2d2a80bd14490a2c0f  This embroidered dress was featured in the center of the exhibit, it was stunning. Basically, the room was set up like a cathedral and this wedding gown was set in the center. There may have been music playing or that may have been in my head,ha!  Needless to say I was in the moment, espeically since my phone and camera went dead right as I arrived at the Met.