Managing your life with clarity and a rotary!

I am so excited to be sharing this video with you today! It’s my “Rotary Method”, a great way to help you sort through your priorities. I increasingly see women take on too many roles, too many projects, too many responsibilities and still try to find time for themselves. It happens, I get it, sometimes I wonder if we are all wired that way! The “Rotary Method” is a fun and helpful way to stay focused in any area of your life. It works for me and I hope it works for you too. So watch the video, download the PDF and start organizing! Now you will know what I mean when I ask, “How does this fit on my rotary?”

 I told you I had loads to share with you this week! I am thrilled to launch one-on-one Clarity Coaching. Owning a creative business can be so exciting! All the avenues and creative ideas that flow out of you can be wonderful and overwhelming. What do you do next?

How do you implement ideas? How do you make a plan to make money and be content? I believe that everyone’s path to success is a different one. You need a customized plan that is tailored perfectly for you! This coaching is good for you to establish what direction you and your business need to head in. It is also for you to get unstuck and create a plan in place to move forward and bring your talents to the marketplace. One-on-one time that is focused on you and what fits you and yes, be forewarned, it involves action steps. I know you can do it!

Don’t hesitate! There are a limited number of spots since it is two 1-hour sessions and I want to give you my undivided attention. For more information on how Clarity Coaching can help you visit, Work with Monica Lee page.

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  • Thanks Monica, that was very helpful. By the way I love your necklace…who is that by? It’s a great design…ok off to put my map together. Thank you!

    • Monica Lee

      Aren’t you a sweetie!? Those are 2 necklaces layer (or maybe tangled up) but one of them says “Faith” it is my new fav.

  • Love this idea! I’m always on the search for productivity tips and techniques to help with information overload and “bright shiny object syndrome,” and this is a really good one. I downloaded the PDF, thanks for the resource!

    I love that you actually talk about fitting the “real life” stuff in there too, i.e., if you have small kids, or aging parents, etc., to make room for that on your Rotary. Makes so much sense! I find alot of what’s written out there about productivity seems to leave out some of the day-to-day real world responsibilities like that.

    I recently wrote on my blog about business overwhelm and what helps me get focused when there are 58 things on my plate, but I like the Rotary for getting clear on the whole macro view of things — very handy!

    • Monica Lee

      I think women do balance a lot -maybe we should make our kids do their own rotaries! Hmmmm …thinking about that!

  • Thank you! This came at just the right time. My dad recently had a severe stroke, so everything in my life is chaos right now. I’m happy to be able to help my dad, but I also need to regain some balance and focus so I can still move forward with my business. Looks like this might help!

    • Monica Lee

      I am so sorry to hear about your father, Kelley. I am glad this came at the right time for you. Hopefully knowing that that is a big part of your life right now and some other things need to be adjusted (but not thrown out) will help!

  • I just downloaded your Rotary and will give this a serious trial. As a full time studio artist serving nearly 40 galleries, I need to focus on little tasks so much of the time, that bigger goals just keep getting shoved aside. But as I stare at this blank page… I must admit, I am feeling a bit like a deer in headlights. If I get 6 orders tomorrow…doing some filing project in my office or re-designing my catalog will be off the radar for some time. But the filing must be done! Yikes.

    Question: Do you see this as a tool for “big” plans mostly? Long term or longer term projects? Do you have a different way of dealing with more immediate tasks? …i.e… pay bills, update contact list, design postcard/e-newsletter for next month’s 20th Anniversary (YES!!! 20 years!!!) Promotion.

    I have only been following you for a short time (and wish I had found you from your start!), so you may have covered general task management, but I poked around and nothing seemed to appear. (Time management? What time management – Monica sent me a video that I must watch!)

    All kidding aside, I am very grateful for this “road map”. The Rotary makes a lot of sense. Any clues on how to remain faithful to what you put on the Rotary? LOL – Kimberly nailed it for me: “bright shiny object syndrome” might just be my entire motus operandi and THAT requires discipline to overcome. In fact, I am on your blog thanks to BSO syndrome – I really should be doing a thousand other things right now, but can’t resist spending “time” with you and your wonderful helpful spirit.

    That said… I am signing off!

    • Monica Lee

      Wow! That’s a lot of questions! haha! I break things down into what needs to be done this month, this week, by tomorrow. I do that with google calendar and a big calendar on my desk. The rotary for me is for long range planning (to make sure I have one!) The process of writing things down and planning helps it come to fruition! yeah for you 20 years!!
      PS only you can make yourself faithful to your long term planning-but I did mention that if you find yourself NOT being faithful to a road then take it off or hire it out!

  • Thanks, Monica Lee! I love having this big picture road map. (took this Brit a minute to realize that rotary = roundabout!)

    I liked the point about not having too many main roads linked to the rotary so as to maintain a bit of focus and not feel so attention splattered!

    LOVE your interviews – they’re my go to accompaniment when I’m in my workroom.

  • Thanks for this Monica! I was just having a discussion with my husband in the garden about my computer work never ending. And that I need to start doing a lot less of it if I’m going to work in a busy filming schedule. Just doing designs/fabric shopping, patterns/samples, costuming/set/makeup, filming/final edits, and the website/marketing/blogging is beyond full time. I really can’t be adding more to my plate. I’ve got to focus right now. Thanks again. Creatively, Katrina Marie

  • April M

    Just discovered this yesterday–thank you! I’ve been watching for a few months–don’t know how I missed it 🙂 BUT I was wondering–what are the 2 lines off to each side for? (they are sort of off my themselves) AND this is for long-range planning. So would you consider blogging one of those ‘roads’ and then making products another ‘road’? Just wondering how detail you get with this. thanks!

    • Monica Lee

      Hi April! I don’t use this for “dreaming” planning. This method is more for-“This is what constitutes my life for say…the next 6 months.” It keeps me on track and also lets me know if I am taking on too much. As for the lines on the side…oh who knows…I may have gotten a bit Virgo-y and left more space for you to fill notes in. Maybe something like…”in 3 months” you could write project that is going to come up so you know you need to keep your life clear for it! Hope this helps!

      • April M

        Sweet! Thanks!

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