Making the world FashionABLE with Barrett Ward and Amber Lehman

I was so excited to meet Barrett Ward from FashionABLE. Barrett and I started our conversation when I entered the design contest that was held in conjunction with the One Campaign and the Alt Summit conference. As I researched what FashionABLE was all about, I knew he had to come on and share his story and the story of all the women that are helped through this business. FashionABLE  is an accessory company and  non-profit working hard to rehabilitate and train Ethiopian women to lead sustainable lives for themselves.

You know I love a story that changes lives and this is certainly one of those stories! Purchase one of these beautiful scarves and you are helping women rebuild their lives. It’s a powerful concept! With features on the Hallmark Channel and the Today Show, Barrett has had a hard time keeping them in stock. Fairly made, fairly priced and beautiful, what is not to love? Be sure to watch to catch a glimpse  of the “Everything” scarf that I designed. It is in the works!

When Barrett and  fashion stylist Amber Lehman (check out her site here) came on there was a terrible storm in Nashville as we recorded and the connection was shaky at best. At first I was freaked outI, I so badly wanted to share this business with you all. Then I  put my thinking cap on and asked if they had any photos from Africa that I could lay over the video interview. They sent me so many and I LOVED them all. Be sure and watch to see  the shots of the women working as well as some of the gorgeous scarves that they have created.

livefashionable1   livefashionable3  The brand new Genet scarf will be available for presale  this week (over at for Mother’s Day. You may have to keep an eye out for it. Barrett talks about the contest design winner, Janette Crawford in the interview. Very exciting!  This bold black and white scarf makes a bold year round statement. Better grab it fast,  if you hesitate it will sell out!

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  • alli s

    this is so inspiring to me and gives me hope. Thank you for posting

  • Tori

    Oh I’m so happy to know about this company – thank you! I can’t wait to see (and probably buy) your lovely design when it comes out… 🙂

  • JeneanMorrison

    Oh, I just LOVED this interview! Such a wonderful, inspiring story. I love what they are doing!! This was a great listen to start my week! Thanks!

  • Brilliant interview, Monica, thank you! I went to the fashionABLE website as soon as I finished watching, oohed and aahed over the gorgeous scarves and felt the need to blog about the interview and the business straight away! You can read it here
    Thanks again for all your fab interviews, Gabrielle x

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