Love your body and yourself with Amber Krzys from bodyheart

Today I am bringing  you someone  who I connected with online, Amber Krzys. I loved her message as soon as I went to her website, bodyheart. Amber’s mission is to help women stop being at war with their bodies. I think women should stop being at war with themselves in any form of negative self talk. If you can conquer the war you have with your body-you can conquer anything. I love the campaign she started where women gather for photo shoots and draw a heart somewhere on their body that they either love or have decided to love. I think Amber is special because she took her message to the streets, marketing her coaching and program in a really unique way. I think she is a perfect example of smart and creative in the way that she thinks!

Her blog has a  segment called Feature Friday, where she highlights some of the women she has encountered through her coaching and her campaigns. Loving your body is not all about fitting into your clothes.  Sophie’s story overcoming digestive issues spoke to me. Unlocking your worth comes in many forms and one of the forms might just be to stop being at war with your body in all its manifestations. You are beautiful just the way you are, right now in this moment.

You can read about Leah’s story and why she chose to draw hearts on her throat here.

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  • Loved this interview…thanks for introducing us to Amber Krzys! This is the first time I’ve heard of her. So many things resonated with me in this video, especially about scheduling the time to TAKE CARE of yourself. I am a professional who works out of my home, as well, and as much as I’d love to lounge around — in lululemons or velour sweats (LOL) — I often found myself getting SO wrapped in a project, that I lose track of time not having time to exercise, meditate, eat healthy, etc. Unless I *schedule* it in, it doesn’t exist/get done…so now, I schedule *healthy habits* into my daily routine to find a balance between work and wellness…I feel a HUGE difference in how I feel when I make time for these things 🙂

    • Monica Lee

      Desiree! I totally agree! I have even added my workouts to my google calendar! Who knew it would come to that? But it working!

    • Desiree! It’s nice to ‘meet’ you. I’m so happy you enjoyed the interview and to hear you are using the scheduling trick! Isn’t it funny how if we schedule something it actually happens. Congrats on finding a way to support yourself, your health and your productivity!

      • Yes, and now the trick is is sticking to it! Thanks for the support ladies 🙂

  • I can’t tell you how much I needed to hear this today…. it was a not-good-eough day, with frustration and doubt and oh my gosh… NOT ENOUGH WATER! I have a headache, I think I am dehydrated, stressed out, overly critical and super tired from family stress.
    Taking care of myself- what an interesting idea.
    Not hating my body which is not the same body I had at 20 (is anyones?)
    off to drink water!
    off to be thankful for the body that brought 4 sons here, takes me where I want to go and survived cancer.
    oh, what a good idea!

  • Laura. I so appreciate the honesty in your comment and I’m glad the timing of this interview was so opportune for you. It’s so easy to feel not good enough and hold ourselves back. For whatever reason, it seems to be a built-in requirement of being human. But the great thing is sometimes it doesn’t take much to change it. A glass of water and switch to gratitude are a wonderful prescription! I don’t know you, but I know your body is incredible. 4 sons + cancer. She is your friend and I’m thrilled you are starting to see her that way. Wishing you tremendous compassion and peace. xo

  • OMG!! It is so nice to hear someone versed in physical fitness here the words you have said. YOU HAVE TO BE HAPPY WITH HOW/WHO YOU ARE NOW!

    I am obese. I have lost and gained weight. But in my adventures there are things I have learned.

    1. Beauty is NOT defined by appearance. It is not skin deep it is so much more.

    2. I have been most mentally healthy when I can look at myself in the mirror and say this is good. This is me. I can see the beauty of my curves. I am OK if this is how I always look.

    3. When I constantly compare myself to a societal beauty ideal, it becomes a vicious cycle of depression and self-defeating/self-destructive behavior.

    4. I have been the most physically healthy when I throw the beauty ideal out the window. I choose to recognize, appreciate and resonate in my beauty.

    I am so excited by your passion. It is aligned with mine. I am thoroughly convinced and faithfully impassioned that ideas like ours will, finally, help women heal and live their lives in their fullest, most authentic self.

    WAY TO GO!!

  • Monica Lee

    I am so glad this resonated with you, Courtenay! Comparison in any form ends up taking on a nasty life of it’s own!