Lorena Siminovich from Petit Collage

If you are not familiar with the name Lorena Siminovich then I am sure you are familiar with the fun and sophisticated style of Petit Collage. Argentinian born artist, author and designer, Lorena Siminovich is full of creative energy and good business sense. Petit Collage’s sustainable and chic children’s products are a fixture in stylish kid’s rooms everywhere.

In this interview you will hear how when she moved to NYC she got off a plane from South America, waited for Kate’s Paperie to open to buy a portfolio case and went straight to an interview. (I used to fly that trip-exhausting! It is an 11 hour flight through the night!!) She has not only creative, she has guts too!

Fast forward years later and she has grown her own company into an industry leading children’s brand. For this interview she tells us the real version of her story, don’t you just love that? I loved everything about this interview!
This is a must see if you want to build a business and a brand with your original touch!

Lorena  talks about her organic beginnings, how hard she has worked and how she has embraced strategic planning! I was completely inspired! Tell me how it inspired you!

  You can follow Petit Collage on Instagram @petitcollage

petitcollage_3  You can order her craft book here and check out her other picture books on her personal website.


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    • Monica Lee

      I am so glad you liked ti! She is pretty amazing!

    • Monica Lee

      I liked this one too!!