Lisa Daria: Daily Painting

Fine artist and daily painter, Lisa Daria is my guest today!  I love having these types of conversations with women like Lisa, who really have great  insight into the creative process. Lisa is a painter who has produced a Daily Painting for the last 5 years!  That’s roughly 1,500 paintings, crazy impressive! Even on holidays and when she travels, daily paintings are a part of her. That is just a part of her work, she does commission work, has her art in galleries and she also teaches illustration at Mass College of Art. Her insight to getting the best work out of her students will help draw out the best work in YOU! I loved this chat and have been applying the tips she mentions in the interview to my own drawing. We also tackle the big elephant in the room, TIME. Lisa gave me some really interesting perspective on the ever elusive, time management. Tune in to this episode! I appreciated her wisdom and so will you!

P.S. I may have convinced to jump onto instagram (haha!) Not that I am taking credit but I am seeing lots of early morning painting set ups (she wakes up e-a-r-l-y) if you to send her love or want some motivation for yourself, you can follow her @lisa_daria_kennedy






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  • This was so inspiring! I have a limited color palette for my Etsy shop w/ handmade crafts, but I've been overwhelmed with the idea of creating my art prints b/c the choices seemed endless. I loved her advice on how to limit that. Thanks!

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