Lisa Congdon: A Creative Journey

I can’t decide what I like more, Lisa Congdon’s  diverseness as an artist or the perspective she has on making art. She is practical (and all that practical advice takes form in her new book Art Inc) and she is wise. This is a great interview with good insight and I know you will like it. Lisa isn’t quite the overnight success some people might think she is, she has been showing up for herself and her career since for some time now. She really has a heart for other artists success as she shares encouragement in this interview. I found her book Art Inc down to earth and full of information. If you have questions about anything  regarding how to set yourself up as an art professional, this book touches on it. She cracked me up when she told me she had to edit out 20k words!! Tune into today’s episode, whether you are just starting out or a seasoned professional, it just may help you on your journey.

You can get Lisa’s book, Art Inc here.


Even though she says she doesn’t always view herself as an author, she has quite a few books under her belt! Whatever You Are Be a Good One, 20 Ways to Draw a Tulip, Draw 500 Fabulous Flowers, Just Add Color: Botanicals, Just Add Color: Geometrics, Just Add Color: Folk Art, Tender Objects, A Collection a Day and she has 2 more coming soon!



These paintings make me happy!  You can see more of Lisa’s painting for sale here.


People who sink into the details always impress me!




  • Sandra Dumais says:

    OH YAY! One of my favourite artists ever. THANK YOU Monica! (Grabbing fresh cup of tea.)

    • Monica Lee says:

      Sandra, I love that you wrote that you were grabbing a cup of tea-I love picturing people listening in this way! Just like we were all sitting together around a table!

  • Joy Laforme says:

    Great interview! I love listening to Lisa talk about her career – I think its incredibly inspiring. I have been meaning to read her book since it came out so this was a great nudge for me to read her book and feel inspired 🙂

  • Susan Drawbaugh says:

    AWESOME interview!! What a down-to-earth person she is, with fantastic advice. I’m definitely getting her Art, Inc. book. I’m an “older” woman whose been in the art business since I was a very young woman, and at a point where I’ve been questioning my current style. I woke up this morning and had an Aha moment abt this, and your discussion with Lisa confirmed my decision! So happy I discovered your site, Monica. ????

    • Monica Lee says:

      I am so happy you found the site, too! I am glad you liked the interview AND that you had an AHa moment, those are the best!

  • Great interview! I also watched the Creative Live class with Lisa and will be purchasing the Art Inc book for my daughter who is interested in art. Even though I'm an artist, I think the advice will come better thru Lisa than me! Thanks Lisa, your style is very engaging and supportive and thanks Monica for the interview!

  • Linda Tieu says:

    really enjoyed this talk, thanks for sharing so much information and looking forward to reading art, inc!

  • I REALLY enjoyed listening to that!!! I'm beginning to really connect with my own work and do what I truly want to do and it is different to working just for money – and it informs every aspect of my working life – even the bread and butter jobs. I also love the fact that Lisa is so organized and business like in her approach. I think I'll be reflecting on this interview for days to come!! Thanks Lisa and Monica.

  • Kathryn Cole says:

    I really enjoyed this interview Monica and Lisa! I too am starting my career as a Surface Designer and Illustrator later in life after a great career as a metalsmith and entrepreneur and Lisa really inspires me! I own and have read her book, Art, inc. I love it and highly recommend it! Thank you so much. Have a beautiful day!

  • Myra Pizarro says:

    love this and was just recently thinking the same thing….I need to just create, paint and draw and let my style emerge.

  • Great interview! I loved her confidence and down to Earth advice.

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