Linda Sivertsen turns dreams and visions into one hot career

I just loved talking to Linda Sivertsen aka The Book Mama! I usually do a synopsis of  the interview when I write this post. I don’t even know where to begin. I had a couple of mini revelations during our talk. Your takeaways may be completely different than mine so you simply must tune in!  She has helped business leaders, celebrities, Emmy and Academy Award winners and everyday, nervous new writers compose their stories. Do you have a book inside of you? She consider’s herself a book mid-wife. How is that for a job/marketing idea/title/calling?! I love it and truthfully, I just love her. Linda’s vibe is a perfect mix of zen and zest! She is infectious (in a good way!) Sign up for her newsletter, keep up with her blog, buy Your Big Beautiful Book Plan, invest in yourself through one of her luxurious retreats, whatever you do keep up with her! I think she brings out good things in people and you know I like that!



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  • Janice Brewster

    Inspiring interview! Writing a book alone is tough; book midwives, coaches or shepherds make the process so much easier. Thanks, Linda and Monica!

    • I do think it is good to have a “life” midwife! haha!

  • Jen Gresham

    I love love LOVE Linda. She has such an amazing story. So glad you had her on for an interview.

  • Ceili Fitzgerald

    I have recently been to one of Linda’s Carmel retreats, and can only describe the time as a magical journey to facing and accepting dreams, visions and change head on. I am honored to have met and been a little part of Linda’s journey, and to have met Merry my best ‘dog’ friend for a week <3

    Great Interview! Lots of fun….Thanks Monica!

    • Yeah You! How fabulous that must have been!

    • Linda Sivertsen

      Oh, goodness, Ceils! Merry misses you, by the way! xx

  • Laura Rothschild

    I never get tired of listening (or seeing) Linda! The shit kicker’s and the hat are AWESOME! I have to say, Linda’s down-to-earth, authentic, no B.S. way of approaching everything publishing & writing is refreshing. As an avid follower/reader and prior Carmel attendee, I too can say Linda has a magical way about her that is contagious. And she’s freakin’ hilarious! It’s because of her many of us wayward writers are living out our dream of getting published. Great stuff! Thank you Monica for a great interview! Loved it!

    • Linda Sivertsen

      Dang, Laura! Send me a bill:) It’s easy to co-create magic with people like you! 🙂 xx

  • April Beyer

    LOVE Linda. She’s changed my life in such a short time. She’s a powerhouse with heart and soul and one of the coolest, smartest women I know. Thank you Monica for this interview!

  • Melissa AuClair

    This was a fabulous interview! Thank you Monica; I have not heard of Linda before this interview (where have I been). I’m downloading, signing up, the whole enchilada!