Lilla Rogers talks about joy and the business of creativity: Part 1

If you are creative and haven’t met Lilla Rogers, then listen up! This is a fabulous 2 part interview with a women who is a leader in the illustration and art industry. Lilla Rogers runs and agency that represents 38 of today’s top artists. She has her finger on the pulse of…of well, just about everything!

If you are not an artist or illustrator, don’t think this isn’t for you. Lilla Roger’s  philosophy that “people buy your joy!” can carry over into any type of work that you do!

In this half she discusses her new book (available for pre-order) I Just Like to Make Things and she shares a super secret e-course that she is involved in! It is launching soon and yes, it is going to be epic and fun and and and … Omigosh! I just can’t say enough about each of her new endeavors…both will help you develop your creativity and who doesn’t want that?!

Lilla has a can’t miss eye for trends or what she calls “current culture and the conversation that we are having.” I absolutely love how Lilla embraces this conversation and has become an advocate for creativity worldwide.


 Come back Thursday for the second half!!

Pre order her book here.

Ruby Violet craft line, available here at Cherry on Top:Ruby Violet

A view of their booth at Surtex:

Suzy Ultman’s bolt fabric for Robert Kaufman:

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  • Lilla Rogers

    Monica, we had a wonderful, fun, energetic conversation about art and biz.  Loved it!  You know what?  My favorite thing is helping creative women (and men) be successful with their art.  It’s like a compulsion to share what I think will help.  Thanks for helping our community!

  • LauraLH

    I LOVE this interview!  *o/*  *o/*  *o/*
    So much goodness I am going to re-watch it when I get home from my studio!  

    Oh a bit of blather ~~~~ Monica, your interviews have happened at a time when I was at a crossroads. I took an art break a year ago, and wrote some picture books and a novel, I was determined to find an agent, meanwhile I had some art work pop up when I wasn’t even working it ~ which was a great blessing and great validation, anyway I wrote and wrote and the awesome agent liked my writing, but she doesn’t want to take on picturebooks or artists. Novel only.So I thought I had to make a choice, am I an artist/illustrator or am I a writer? She was making me choose.   Then, I saw the third choice… I am both!  Each one feeds the other, I can’t just stop being an artist. Well, the WORLD has cracked open since I came to this realization.  Oh, LILA”S BOOK is going to be a great gift to myself!!!  Clarity is everything. Not letting someone (even someone I still really admire) to put me in a box has been freeing!!!!   LILA speaks the truth!!!     As I have accepted all the creative things that make me joyful, others are suddenly coming from all directions, responding to that JOY! Being joyful in my work has been a gift to myself and the response~~ ~everything has exploded! My picture book dummy is off to two editors who are interested in it. My middle grade novel is getting a revision in the new year!Oh, and the thing I was only doing as a creative outlet, inspirational silver jewelry ( is rolling into a business!!! Thank you so much Monica, for interviewing Lila! and Lila, thank you so so much for your generous spirit, creative encouragement and wise wise words.  ~ Off to the studio : )

    • Wow Laura! So exciting to have light bulb  moments! And how exciting for you-totally believing for picture books and a novel from you-in print, in my hands :))

  • What a great interview Monica!! Love to listen while I paint in my studio but now I’m on the edge of my seat ’til Thursday for part 2 arrgghhh! 🙂 I’ll have to explore Lilla’s site later today in depth.

    • So glad you enjoyed it! 

    • Rita, you are so cute! It was all goodness today, right?!

  • Betz

    Thanks Monica and Lilla! I loved hearing Lilla speak at the Creative Connection about licensing as well. I hope you address the money aspect of the agent relationship as well in Part 2…that part seems mysterious sometimes. Can’t wait to get my hands on her book!

  • Jenna

    Loved this interview! So much amazing information and you both looked fabulous too 🙂

    I feel like Lilla and I are kindred spirits and I can’t wait to read her book! Genius information that will transform how artists do everything. So needed right now.

    Sparkly love to both of you xo

    • Lilla

      Thanks, Jenna kindred spirit!  Wish I could meet all of you some time.

  • Great interview! Lilla’s philosophy is matching my views about artists, art & licensing as well as crafting. It’s all about the joy of creating and it really boils down to knowing where you’re going with it, a purpose/why for what you do. Can’t wait to listent to part 2! …can’t wait to read her book too 🙂 

  • claudine hellmuth

    I love Lilla and can’t wait for her new book!! She is fabulous!!! can;t wait for part 2!

    • Lilla Rogers

      Love you too, Claudine!

    • Lilla

      LUV U Claudine! xxooo!  Thanks for being in my book!

  • Fantastic interview!! I love Lilla! I must have her book, so I preordered it. Cannot wait for Thursday. I’m also at a crossroads. I realized on Friday, that I have to focus on doing the art that makes me happy. So obvious, but so difficult to remember sometimes. Great to listen to Lilla who reinforced that idea. Now hurry up Thursday!

  • Thanks, Laura!  Just keep writing down what you like and don’t like in all areas of life, big and small.  Try it for about 5 days and see what happens!

    • Ok, wait! I am going to try that! Starting today…does unloading the dishwasher count as a don’t like?

  • Oh my gosh Monica and Lilla … you left me hanging like the end of an episode of Homeland!  What a fun interview.  I can’t wait to hear the something else that Lilla was about to share.  I’ve been illustrating for 25 years, and yet I still learn something new every time I listen to one of your interviews.  Thank you!

    • Wow! Cathy, That means a lot coming from you and your level of experience!

    • Lilla

      Thanks, Cathy!  Great to hear!

  • Sadee Schilling

    Thanks, Monica and Lilla! I’m excited for part two tomorrow. Can’t wait to get your book, Lilla! You are so generous with your wealth of wisdom and experience. I feel so blessed by this interview today–I already listened to it twice! 

    • Thanks so much Sadee! That is super sweet of you to say-I feel blessed that people make nice comments and support the community here!

  • Suezart

    I really enjoyed the interview.  Thank you Monica & Lilla! I am so very curious about part two.   What I was most taken by was Lilla’s  passion for her artists that she represents.  I loved listening to her story.  Lilla it is so nice to meet you! I have always wanted to reach out and say hello to you at Surtex… but every time I walked by you had swarms of customers.

    I am on the same page as  One of my favorite artists in the industry the amazing Cathy Heck, I am always learning something new from your interviews.  It is wonderful to see the many different perspectives on how to approach art licensing,  and other creative industries. Monica your glow and kindness are infectious, people “buy your joy”!   I am so grateful for your interviews I enjoy them while I work! PLEASE  keep them coming . Best of luck with all your new ventures!


    • Suezart

      Suezart is me Sue Zipkin . 

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  • Katherinequinn

    I could listen to Lilla talk forever!!! she is so easy to listen to and so much inspiration and insight in her words.  It would be a dream of mine to meet her one day and Oliver Jeffers for a cup of coffee and a chat.

  • Femi Ford

    wow, just catching this now.  the book & course sound amazing!

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  • Tara Daavettila

    Thank you for this interview!! I am working on a “yes” for Part A of her class, it’d be a great opportunity – cost is a little high but I know it’d be so worth it. Thanks again -Tara

  • Tara Daavettila

    I love your interviews – thank you for following your dreams to help me follow mine.

  • Ashley Lucas

    I loved reading Lilla’s book and refer to it often. Her approach is so refreshing and empowering. Thank you for this interview, it was a pleasure to listen to while drawing away in my studio! 😉