Lilla Rogers gives tips for creative professionals! Part 2

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Stay tuned into what you’re passionate about, says Lilla Rogers! This is just one piece of advice she offers up in this interview. She shares insight on trends and how to apply them to your particular style. I love her take on making mistakes.  Lilla even turns the tables on me and asks me a couple of questions! Then we go a bit “free style”  and both talk about big dreams that we harbor! Don’t miss Part 1 or Part 2 with this interview with the creative industry leader! I think her book and her e course are going to be exciting!!

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Lisa DeJohn’s flash cards for Chronicle:

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  • Love how Lilla asked if you want to be known for your vacuuming or illustration… that’s a tweetable for sure! I’m a total cheerleader for spending our time on things that REALLY matter, because it’s not selfish and we shouldn’t feel guilty spending time developing ourselves and our Art! Great interview, loved watching and listening to all the wisdom. Amazing, thank you!

    • Lilla

      Thanks, Linda! It’s all about valuing your mind.

  • Thank you for another fabulous interview Monica, I really enjoyed it!

  • Dana Barbieri

    Really lovely interview ladies! Monica, you never shared what the piece of advice was from Lilla that changed your life!

  • Betz

    Yes, Lilla, you should absolutely sell your trend reports! You have your ear to the ground and an intuition that people would definitely pay for. Plus you said you love creating them and you do them for your artists anyway…Sign me up! 🙂

    • Lilla

      Thanks, Betz! I do love trend.  Hope you’re up to some great stuff!

  • Amanda McGee

    Another great interview! Thanks so much for continuing to share and inspire. I want Lilla’s book and ecourse now! 🙂

  • Kim Morin Weineck

    Loved part one and two! So many tidbits of info to write down – I think I’ll have to watch again. Thanks Monica and Lilla!  ~Kim

  • Lilla is great as always, I can not wait to take her course. And Monica! Your big dream! I can totally see you doing a TV show!!! I can see it now!

  • Eva

    As always, super inspiring! I’m really looking forward to Lilla’s book, can’t wait for it to get out! And I would absolutely buy that trend report. 
    And I love your big dream Monica, I do hope it will materialize in the near future!

  • Thank you ladies part 2 was definitely worth the wait. And I loved the fact that you both shared your fantasy dreams. I can SO see a show with you Monica on OWN. 

  • Sue zipkin

     Thank you ladies!   What a dynamic interview!
      Let me get out my crystal ball. Lilla  I think your book is going to be a huge huge hit!    In fact you have convinced me I need to buy it,   even though I was not in the market for this kind of book.   Monica I think you will take this to the next level.  I got that feeling the moment I saw your first interview. 

  • oh Monica and Lilla – truly encouraging and lots of creative food for thought. I am making time in the coming days for extreme dreaming, deciding the one BIG thing I want to come into being for 2013 and most importantly fine tuning into what I am passionate about. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you both! 

    • That is so terrific to hear…let’s start a movement to do some extreme dreaming in 2013 and fine tune our hearts!

  • Suzanneurbandesigns

    I really enjoyed this “freestyle” interview, Lila’s introspective, fluid observations on the business and creative path of an artist was refreshing and tremendously helpful.

  • Carolina

    Monica–I think there is a definite need for a new creative TV show–and your interviews show that you already have an interest and ability to feature such a wide variety of art forms–from the surfboard designer and his wife’s licensing business tips to graphic designers, textile designers, and art directors like Lilla Rogers.
         I’ve watched knitting shows with very young, hip knitters and quilting shows hosted by rather conservative looking traditional quilters—and I’ve been inspired by and earned something from both of them.  I’m a 51 year old contemporary woman who has interests in all kinds of areas….and that variety is not shown on any one show right now. 
          Plus, with the internet. blogs, social networking, and the instant celebrity that develops,  the world is much more aware of individual artists and not just brand names….so your interviewing of formerly “behind the scenes” artists–and possibly letting us into their home/world of design…is so timely.  
          Go for it!  

    • Carolina

      make that “LEARNED something from both of them…. 😛

    • Wow Carolina, Thank you so much. Sometimes I think I lose a little perspective and comments like that help me keep it! Your words are so encouraging!

  • Love the interview! She’s so right! This week has turned things around for me by simply doing what I love with my work. It’s so sudden, it’s magical. Thanks you! Now when is the class she speaks of? I must do it!

  • Laura K Aiken Studio

    Oh Boy did I ever love this interview! ….and I don’t want to be known for my vacuuming! I learned so much and Lila is so calming. So a TV show Monica and Lila? How fun. Can I be the girl who gets the coffee? Let’s see you get this done. I used to love “crafters coast to coast” But you have even a better idea. I also look forward to Lila’s class and book. Whew! I had better get busy. Can I get you a cup of coffee? teehee.


    • Lilla

      Hi Coffee Girl!  How cool.  I know; I want to be the girl who gets coffee for the writers of 30 Rock.  Thanks for calling me calming!  xo

  • Genevieve Gail Swinford

    Another awesome interview, Monica!  Lilla’s might be my favorite yet…  You can tell she really loves what she does and the people she works with…  Such a cool, inspiring lady!  Can’t wait to get her book and I would definitely be on board for the trend reports if you’re reading this, Lilla!

  • LauraLH

    I NEEEED to take her course and get her book! Lila, I just love the encouraging and generous way you speak about art and artists. Encouraging wise words right when I needed to hear them! Fabulous!

    • Lilla

      Thanks!  (((;

  • How do I find out about that class she mentioned?

  • Gerda

    Wonderful interview. Thank both of you so much for so much inspirational input. “Do I wanna be know for my vacuuming …” What a clarifying question …:-) Thank you! Gerda

  • Trend report – yes please, all the way! Loved this interview. Thanks Lilla!

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  • Tara Daavettila

    Just read this interview series now – I guess I’m a late bloomer. I just registered for Part A of Lilla’s class…I sure hope I’m worthy 🙂

  • Lynnette April Cooper

    Hi Monica Lee!! I found your blog yesterday on Pinterest!! I was surfing “Surtex” pins and came across your “Wonderful Blog”!! I loved the interview with “Lilla Rogers”. Found out some tips from you creative women. I am all about working smarter than harder!!

    I am surfing all the “Surtex Pinterest” sites trying to figure out “Art Product Licensing”. My “Owl Art” is on fire here in Salt Lake City, Utah!! I have over 275 pieces of “Owl Art”!! My daughter Emily sells it at a local “Farmers Market” and “Park City Craft Fairs”. Now people with companies are seeking her out for the my art!! I did not fall off a turnip truck and discover art!! I am published in over 28 “Somerset Art” magazines!! I knew I was an artist at age 4 and just turned 63. Old dogs or old ladies can learn new tricks!! Oh my baby is a 3 year old spoiled “Fox Terrier”!!

    So I am so thrilled to have come across your blog. I love you and how you interview women!! I do believe that you should add “Pinterest” to your blog site so we can copy interviews we love and share them on our “Pinterest Site”!!

    • I am so glad to hear that you found me on Pinterest. I have added pinterest buttons to the imagery but can’t “upload” the type of video I share. Just screen shots! but something must be working! Thanks for tuning in!

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