Life is Messy (but fun!) with Mayi Carles

Mayi Carles is an energetic ball of fire! I couldn’t get enough of her energy and life and her cute Panamanian accent. She bucked the traditions in her own culture and has really made her own path. She is a BIG dreamer and big planner. She believes you need to plan for success and she is here to help you! Mayi also believes that Life is Messy! Hello, don’t we know it?!  She says fighting it doesn’t work, but you can do your best to plan ahead, visualize the big picture, and be prepared for unpredictability. She has created a great bootcamp called Life is Messy Bootcamp, (of which I am a happy affilate.) She really breaks things down for you in this course through video and through detailed planning.  Don’t let her young age throw you off. Mayi Carles has found her sweet spot as a teacher and motivator. I am using the planners that come with the course this morning! I love them. She addresses marketing, money making and  my personal favorite getting out of your own way!  You should checkout her blog, it is better than caffeine! And girls…if you want a sweet romantic mini break…Mayi recently got married and her wedding video will make you sigh. (I just had to add that!)

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  • Kim

    Monica – Thanks for interviewing Mayi – the person that you see in that interview is the most genuine, authentic person ever! I am currently enrolled in Life Is Messy Bootcamp and it is filled with the most amazing content from planners to note pads to amazing videos. It truly is exciting to see such a shining star sparkle the way that Mayi does! Thanks for taking the time to interview Mayi! And – PS – I wish I could say her name like she says it too!

    • Monica Lee

      I think she is a genuine bundle of joy too!

    • OMG Kim what’s your address cuz I’ve gotta send you some cupcakes. You have literally made my decade with your oh-sweet words.

      I adore you belong belief + cannot even find the words to express how much I appreciate you 🙂

  • Love, love, love, love!! The whole way through I kept thinking of friend after friend I need to send this interview to. I only wish I’d watched it first thing in the morning because I now feel so energised and its late at night here in New Zealand and before long the sun and the babies will be UP 🙂

    Sarina x

    • Monica Lee

      Oh good! I love that you are sending it to friends!

    • Sarina OH MY YES! Send away sister! If I can become the Energizer Bunny or caffeine boost for someone special, I can die a happy women 🙂

  • Monica, I had so so much fun talking to you girl! Thanks again for having me + thanks for casting light at tiny artists like myself so we can spread our BIG message to the world + make a real difference.

  • Thanks for posting this interview. It was great to hear the two of you share ideas.

  • Thank you both. I wanted to take a few minutes off the path to fame and fortune to tell you how much my 9-month old granddaughter enjoyed your animated, generous interview. Grami loved it too.

  • Great interview! The energy is awesome and lots of great tidbits, especially dumping out all the ideas so we have them captured.

  • It’s always wonderful to hear great insights from Mayi! It’s also great to discover a new inspiring website Monica! Thanks for all the tips, I will definitely be putting them to use!

    • Monica Lee

      Oh I am so glad you are liking the site, Mary! Thank you for tuning in!

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  • Elizabeth Aviles

    Love your creativity Mayi Carles! Beautiful art work and very creative! Love your amazing discoveries Monica Lee!

    ; )
    Elizabeth Aviles

  • Heatherlee Iverson Chan

    What great advice, Mayi!! One of my favorite interviews. There was so much laughter and energy! And sooo many golden nuggets and words of inspiration 😉 I also loved how Mayi recognized Monica for the amazing work she is doing. You really deserve so much praise. I feel like you are changing my life, @monicaleestudios:disqus.