Liesl Gibson + 3 businesses = dynamo!

What fun! Today’s interview is with Liesl Gibson. You may have heard on at least one of her companies! She is a talented and gifted pattern  and fabric designer (she teaches online as well!) who started out designing patterns for wee ones with Oliver and S. After rave reviews, (her patterns have a cult like following) Liesl then  started Lisette, gorgeous women’s patterns for all your stylish needs! She recently began a fun new venture the Straight Stich Society that are seriously cute projects. I love her manifesto on this one…Life is Hard Sewing is Easy! Liesl makes everything look easy. In this interview she shares her entire journey, her schooling with all it’s  bumps and victories. Her story is so interesting because what she does and how creates is such a fit for her personality. It is so fascinating to meet a women who is truly in operating in her sweet spot! You are truly going to be inspired by her story!

Here is some extra exciting news…Liesl and I are presenting at a workshop called Banking Your Bliss at Pins and Needles in NYC on Sept. 29th. It will be an all day packed-with-fun-event with Nancy Soriano and Rachel Low hosting. It will be a day to explore your passions, get some creative advice and meet other fabulous women. Space will be limited so I will give you more info in the next couple weeks! I am thrilled to be involved with this!

  • really enjoyed this interview. I love how you get into how people get to be where they are – the choices and steps and stories that create who we see today. I am starting to ‘hear’ in your questions a bit about your own new direction and I think I hear your passion bubbling over! Thanks for another inspiring, motivating, informative interview.

    • Monica Lee

      Oh I am so glad you liked it, Liesl is incredible!! Funny you hear my passion bubbling, thank you for pointing that out 🙂 It makes me feel good!

  • betz White

    Yay! I love Liesl and it’s great to hear her story. She is one of my top people in the industry that I am inspired by. Thanks, Monica!