Leigh Viner


I ran across this painting of Leigh Viner’s when I was putting together mood boards for my bag line. As many times as the products and boards changes during production, I couldn’t get away from the colors and emotions that I felt when I saw this image. It captured my romantic love affair with Europe. I was born outside of Venice and my mother very fondly talked of Italy and Venice my entire life (I left at an early age, sob). I like how Leigh has all sorts of mediums, even photography. There is almost a stark sensuality to it all. Naturally, I love her fashion work too! Her website says. “I am a freelance all around Artist/Photographer.  I am never settling on one thing or the other. I have always been the curious one in that I need to continue to grow, you will see a lot of that in my various pieces of work.  I also worked as a Makeup Artist which has influenced my work greatly.” 


Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 5.43.34 PM