Lauren Collin


How about this stunning intricate work from Lauren Collin? If you needed some inspired white space in your life, surely this is it! French artist, Lauren Collin creates these paper sculptures with a scalpel that she first borrowed from her father, a surgeon. Driven by a passion for the infinitely small, she creates these quiet wonderlands on thick watercolor paper. Amazing! She makes the paper come to life and she is not adding to the paper, she is giving the paper life by making incisions! “At first, it almost seems as if each petal has been glued into the surface. Yet, it is the first layer of the paper that, incised, stands out from the rest. If one were to glue everything back together, one would have one simple sheet of paper. The multiple cut-outs give an idea of profusion and seem to quiver when exposed to light.” -Lauren Collin.

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