Laura Gaskill from Lolalina on freelance writing, blogging and motherhood

This interview came out a bit dark (sorry!) but I just had to hop in my car and drive over to Laura’s cute house to do an interview with her. Laura blogs over at Lolalina and we met at an event in Boston when Holly Becker came to town. (I just love a small world!) Laura lives down the road from me in Providence, RI and has been a terrific help to me. She gives details on how she grew her online audience. Her blog, Lolalina, is just so pretty. In this interview she explains that she freelance writes several times a week for a larger blog (and yes, they pay her) and how she has opted not to put her son in daycare. It is a juggle for sure but I think she does it all gracefully. Did I mentions she started raising chickens in her back yard? Please, as if motherhood wasn’t enough!

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  • : ) Great interview! Looking forward to reading Laura’s blog!

    • Monica Lee

      So glad you enjoyed it, Laura!

  • Great interview…and such fun knowing where you are…in Prov. Yes…small world…I only live 20 mins away myself 🙂

  • Thanks so much for the interview, Monica! It was so much fun having you over! 🙂 xo