Launch party for XO, Monica Lee



Very excited to have had a “Launch Soiree” for XO, Monica Lee last weekend. All sorts of girlfriends came out for it. Since I was loving my I love a PARTY  print, I decided to use her as an invitation! I had to let her set the pace! Jessie from Shop Sweet Lulu sent over some  darling party favors and then I had to make a pink Champagne cocktail to match (naturally!)

I just couldn’t have had more fun. I think I caught one of the last warm September New England nights. (A fair amount of praying went into that one!) I even had some sleep over house guest who helped me get things ready and make sales! We stayed up almost ALL night gabbing! Thank you Stasia, Desha, and and Vana! There is nothing I love more than when women support each other in all their creative business endeavors. For one of the FEW men there, my husband totally rocked with the help! We went way out in to the yard with twinkly lights and tables and chairs and he put everything away. Seriously, isn’t clean up the worst?

Did you see the new WINK tote I just launched?! So cute! Am I allowed to say that even though I designed it? I am going with yes, because I am so enjoying myself. That doesn’t mean everything is easy peasy, I still have brain freezes when it comes to making the simplest of decisions and then other times, I know exactly what I want to happen.  Even if your passionate about what you are doing, it still requires hard work and stuff that just stops you in your tracks! For my new line, the fun outweighs the hard stuff (remind me of that on a hard day, ok?)

I so wish you all could have come and enjoyed the starry night and cocktail with  me! Alas!  BUT  for the next 24 hours,  I am having a super party pricing sale on the clutches and tassels over at XO, Monica Lee  just for you. Until next time, cheers!

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