Kerry Lemon’s artistic and scientific journey

You MUST tune into this podcast! I  have  been itching to get it out to you! I cannot say enough about how fabulous it is.

Kerry Lemon is a multi talented artist, innovator and business woman! With commissions for a wide range of editorial, publishing, advertising, retail and architectural projects clients, Kerry has SO much talent and business know how (and gumption!) She was kind enough to gather her wisdom for this chat.

These are just SOME of the things Kerry shares in this episode:

How she structured her art as a business from the very start

How she prices her work and views her freelance licenses

How she learned how be an installation artist

How she managed to get a GRANT from Ted Baker to fund a creative and scientific idea

How she is getting her PATTERNS to grow on plants (WHAT?!) That’s right…she is working on a funded project to get her  art patterns to grow into and onto plant life!

Kerry is such a fabulous example of marrying creativity, ideas, hard work and business. I just can’t say enough-as I was editing this, I found myself saying “wow!” a lot! You will too!

wall bird_905


Kerry Lemon Swarovski

Kerry Lemon Harvey Nichols

Kerry Lemon Coutts




  • Michelle Schneider says:

    WOW. Kerry is one of THE MOST inspiring artists ever! Talk about a girl with boundaries around her business. What a smart thinker! The window displays are simply BEAUTIFUL. I can just sense how much she really loves every minute of what she does. My take away from the interview- decide what you really want to do with your art and then go out and find people who will pay you to do it. Don’t wait around and hope to be discovered. YES. Love this one Monica!

  • NIna May says:

    Fabulous advice Kerry! When I went to University here in Los Angeles, I had to take Economics, Marketing and Accounting while studying Graphic Design. This really came in handy when I started my design business. It is hard for the majority of artists and designers to work their Left Brains with business. We are Right Brain people.

  • Pam Houston says:

    Very interesting interview. Glad I tuned in. She is quite a talent. Thanks for sharing Monica.

  • THE most inspiring guest ever (for me) and you have many!!! Thank you!

  • Amy E. Reich says:

    Love this and your offerings Monica!

  • I'm just bursting with inspiration after listening to this interview! Thank you Monica and Kerry for your generosity. I feel like these words of wisdom have shifted my entire perception of myself as an artist. Thank you x

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