Kelly Rae Roberts Part 2, abundance and the mental shift necessary to achieve it.

Part 2 of my interview with artist, Kelly Rae Roberts. She discusses how  she took a chance on art licensing that paid off. This one get’s personal as I share what I got out of Kelly Rae’s Taking Flight e-course several years ago.  We  laugh about the emotions that come along with motherhood.  Listen to Kelly’s views around having financial abundance and the mental shift she had to have to get there.  I think mental shifts are so important!!  She even sneaks in some TOP-SECRET news at the end! I hope you enjoy this insightful interview.

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  • Maggie says:

    I love your interviews! You do a wonderful job. I think you have so many inspiring guests thank you so much for bringing these wonderful people to us. Just a suggestion, maybe you can try not to interrupt your guest so much, I love your stories, but sometimes you interrupt a guest in the middle of a sentence & don’t let them finish & some even loose their train of thought, maybe you can wait until they finish & then add your input. Again I love your work and your interviews! I paint & listen to your interviews as I work & learn so much from there. I truly am inspired by you 🙂

  • Another awesome interview Monica. I love looking back and playing catch up on your videos.

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