Keeping up to date: Lessons from Alt Summer 2015


I wanted to jot down some ah-ha moments I had at the ALT Summer session. First I have to say, ALL the speakers that I got tot speak where simply fabulous. This conference is so rich in content! It was so fun to  be a speaker with Jenean Morrison. can you see us,  we are way up front doing our talk!! Jenean rocked her art this conference, she had an entire room designed by one of the sponsors, Squarespace, where people colored in her art!

18773993295_b5fd2db9a1_k 1)  I have sat through many Pinterest panels and I have always tucked it in the back of my mind, yes, I need to do more on Pinterest. Weird, considering I designed an e-course using Pinterest as a tool  but I was not concentrating on it as a traffic driver then … Alex from Ave Styles said one sentence and I got it…

Pinterest is a discovery tool, not a social media tool. Oh, yeah…that’s exactly how we use it in the Smart Creative Style course where we discover visual parts of ourselves that we are able to apply to our daily lives, art and our brands but I wasn’t applying that in broader terms. So I had a mind shift: how and what are other people discovering on Pinterest? Pinterest is rolling out a way to buy directly on the platform without leaving Pinterest. This is something you should pay attention to! Understanding how people SHOP is as important as understanding WHY they shop.

Pinterest’s BUY pins: Check out this nifty video  on how they will hopefully work!

(Side note: I am remixing the STYLE  course! Knowing your  aesthetic  can touch not only your brand but your lifestyle! Stay tuned!)


2)  Guy Kawasaki: Use to track your Instagram  leads! (Now why hadn’t I thought of that?) he also had a lot to say about sharing, as in, will my followers share what I share?  Are you thinking that way? Or are you simply crafting your message to stop right at them?

3)  Whitney English: It’s no joke how this girl gets things done. She really is the queen of organization and  she keeps it real. No Martha Stewart mask here. She taught a organization class and I really walked away with some tools about goals and life balance and figuring out business priorities. She gave a list of ways to get organized so you could choose your poison or elixir! I liked the idea of breaking down my list of 5 -10 minutes tasks and if anything on the list takes longer that 20 minutes, it becomes a project. Then I can work on projects during my “best” concentration time of day. OR if I can get serious and look at the “return of investment” on that project. Estimate the numbers of hours the entire project is taking, estimate the income you will receive by completing it and then divide that into an hourly rate. Is the project worth it? This might delete some seriously wasted hours. It also might mean my laundry never gets done again…oh! I forgot we are talking business projects!


4)  Gilit Cooper: Photos for the Non-photographer. Make your own stock photos! Yes, I am on it! And you know that reflector you have hanging out in your office from your video days? Use it for your photos. Duh, that is what is designed for. Buy one here. 

5) The panel on PR was the bomb!!  I am ripe to absorb it all as I am about to launch XO, Monica Lee. (CHECK BACK MONDAY!!) I don’t even know where to begin so I  am lining up a bunch of peeps from the panel to come on the show.


6) Artist Rachel Ryle’s keynote speech!  Watch it here.  This artist and animator tells her AMAZING story of how she used an instagram app creatively and how it has completely changed her career and life.  She went from  a few followers to 78K followers within a week all based on her art, creativity and ideas. Exciting clients followed! I love her story! This talk will push you to explore your own creativity. Fabulous 16 minutes talk, TOTALLY worth your time!  I have said it before and I will say it again, “It’s a good time to be an artist!”


I always have so much fun when I go to Salt Lake for ALT. I took away a lot more than a simple post could encompass! The mix of business and parties is right up my alley! Huge  thank  you to all the sponsors at ALT. It was so good to see some familiar faces and some new sponsors on board 🙂 lovely to meet you all!







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