Katie Richardson from Puj Baby

I ran across Katie’s words of encouragement at just the right moment. She was at the Alt Summit conference on a panel of entrepreneurial women where she was telling the PUJ baby start up story and she said there was a point in her business where she had to “commit and make the leap.” I sat in the audience and got teary eyed. I had to have her on the show. I had experienced “the waver.” I  had felt like I had been spinning in my own circles with very little results. I knew in my heart I was still “dating” other options in my own mind. Katie’s story is profoundly helpful and candid. You are simply going to love her story and if you think you already know her story, tune in, because she shares a side of her design story that she does not normally share.

I mean, just look at the brilliance of the Puj baby products! I knew that those ideas came from a pretty clever cookie. Her Puj Tub folds flat and can be assembled with one hand (Why? Because Mom is holding a baby in the other hand!) The Puj Hug towel wraps around Mom’s neck during bath time, keeping her dry and then wraps around the baby to get them dry. The Phillup is something every family needs to eliminate all the stray glasses hanging out in the kitchen. I am sold, sold, sold. If you know a new mother, she needs all these things, trust me!!

You are going to love this  inspiring interview, so what are you waiting for? Tune in and get started!







  • What an amazing interview! SO inspiring and informative! Thank you Monica and Katie!

  • What a delicious interview! Thank you Katie for your honesty and Monica for fabulous interview! I have been in the licensing/product development field for over 17 years and I always learn something new on your show!

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