Kathy Weller finds her playful space

…and it happened to be found at her DAY job! This such a fabulous story of having the tenacity to find your voice, your groove, and your outlet. Meet Kathy Weller, she has a rockin’ good story! Many of you might relate to her story, working a day job hoping to make it full time on your creative work, trying to get everything to click into place. Tune in and see how Kathy’s  visual story telling ability snapped right into place when she took a good look around her cubicle! I love this episode, because I love Kathy!! She is a ray of sunshine and it is so so nice to see her art getting licensed on one product after another!







  • Kathy Weller says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for the interview, Monica Lee-Henell !! This was a total BLAST to do, so much fun! I'm over the fear! XOXO

  • April Heather Art says:

    Loved loved loved listening to Kathy share her story. She is a treasure. And absolutely one of the nicest people I know. Thank you for sharing your success & lessons (loved that you said that they are not mistakes-I agree wholeheartedly!) Kathy’s genuine enthusiasm and her unflappable energy inspire me. thanks Monica for another great interview!

    • Kathy Weller says:

      Thank you so much Heather!!!! I really appreciate that so much!!! XXXOOO

  • It's been a thrill to follow your success Kathy! I love Cats at Work <3

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