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I met Kate Erickson virtually when I sat in on a webinar to learn about podcasting. What? I already have a podcast! Well, true confession time-when I first started pushing my 3 years worth of  Smart Creative Women interviews out into this new format, I had no idea how people even found the podcast.  I had Meghan, my intern, get me set up to go live onto iTunes and I knew certain tech aspects but I was not fully engaged in understanding the in’s and outs of moving the interviews into audio format. (Not good.) BUT now it is time to fully grasp ALL  the “distribution and technical” aspects on podcasting. I am all about learning!

I sat in on a webinar to introduce me to Podcasters Paradise and I saw some keying tech moves that I had not set up right AND they involved  my statistics! Ugh! Important if you are looking to work with sponsors. I’ll get the hang of it all. Note to self: Learning new things is good.

I needed help-and fortunately in the process I found Kate, she  works along side her long time boyfriend John Lee Dumas, at Entrepreneur on Fire-a wildly popular podcast. (They even post their monthly earnings online-yes, every month!!) They are a dynamo team and I love that Kate offers solid advice in today’s episode about working from home and being and entrepreneur!

Whether you have ever considered doing your own podcast or are just determined to have  success owning your own business, tune in! She has great advice about focus! 

 Here is a link to Kate’s own podcast  Kate’s Take: The Entrepreneur on Fire Audio blog .



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