Julian La Trobe

Just fascinated with Julian’s work! These paintings make me feel like I am on a grand house tour.  I was putting together an “Inspirational Interiors” Pinterest board and surprised with my love of formality. While I tend to like urban apartments, I have come to terms with that fact that my “ideal” urban apartment would be a chic Parisian apartment with high ceilings, long drapes and intricate architecture. A girl can dream, can’t she? I have searched around and have come up with very little on him personally. Mystery! He paints the loveliest interiors, possibly all commissioned so we are not getting to see them, which is a shame. The work I have found captures an element of elegance we don’t get a glimpse of very often. I love the loose brush strokes and the choices he makes on what to highlight in a room. This exterior below is what caught my attention initially and made me do a mad search for his work.


Julian la trobe

“His interiors show much more creativity than a photograph,” says San Francisco interior designer Andrew Fisher. “Plus, you can tell lies here and there–make things a few feet taller, make everything look prettier. . . . It’s also interesting to see how the artist perceives how you live.”