Julia Kelly: Digital caricature artist

I have a great story for you today! Meet Julia Kelly from JK Expressions. Julia is a digital caricature artist (and a regular caricature artist too-tune in as she talks about how she handles the difference!) Julia went from doodling to trial by fire at a California theme park to delighting audiences at events, conferences and weddings. Tune in to how she started out at $6 an hour to harness her talents at over $200 an hour. Julia shares how she learned that being introverted is no excuse to bail on her marketing efforts and what she did to overcome her fear of cold calling. (Hey, I am not shy and even I am not a fan of cold calling!)


She really is a  super smart cookie (just earned an accounting degree!)  and I love that she really embraces the business aspect of her creativity, figuring out how to scale it into a six figure income. Woot! This interview is PACKED with good insight, so no matter what type of creative work you do, tune in!

Feel free to ask Julia anything in the comments below!

Happy customers! Here is the link to the book Julia mentioned in the interview, Street Smarts, An all purpose tool it for entrepreneurs.



  • Such a nice, down-to-earth artist. I like her advice about picking a few take aways from business books and leaving the rest. It reminded me of Philosopher's Notes online (which I love). Also love her advice about having her follow-up templates!!

  • cetriya says:

    Hey, just wanted to say that this ep was a great one and love the tips. I have to get over marketing to copies of me and really push my b2b portfolio.

    can’t wait for the next interview.

  • Loved the tips at the end. I could listen to those all day long!

  • I know-I love practical tips like that!

  • Aww Thank you Dawn!!

  • Kathy Jurek says:

    As a strong introvert, I really appreciate Julia's insights. I have also found that it is much easier working with businesses who have a need for my art, too. Thanks, Monica!

  • Lynn Payne says:

    Loved the interview!
    Let's see one of Julia's charictures of Monica!

  • That was awesome!! Thank you for sharing Julia. Great questions Monica Lee-Henell.

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