Josephine Kimberling : Inspiring happiness through print


Today I have Josephine Kimberling with me! What a gem! She has such a sweet spirit and it shows in what she produces. The art she creates have depth each a stand alone piece and she has a keen sense of color and pattern. She claims it came from years of experience as an in house artist. Tune in to this episode and learn why Josephine chose to go out on her own and what she thinks about putting collections together for her website. She shares invaluable advice to new and seasoned artists about professionalism and finding your own voice. I know she is headed for even greater things!


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  • cetriya says:

    wow, just in time for me to hear this. I’m a recent grad working my way to develop my career in surface pattern design. Thank you for such a ‘real’ podcast and introducing me to another creative to follow. I’m still thinking about where I fit, to go fast and in bulk or take my time to make high quality and detailed work. Sometimes I’m envious of the UK designers.

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