Jon Acuff on “Do Overs” and never getting stuck

It was so much fun to chat with author Jon Acuff. Jon is the author of five books, including Quitter and the New York Times bestseller Start and his new book Do Over. For sixteen years he’s helped companies like the Home Depot, Bose, Staples, and tell their stories. He’s a well-known public speaker, and his blogs have been read by millions of fans. (shiny official bio)

I found him to be an all around great human on the planet (and we need more people like that!)  He has a legion of followers whom he delights on a daily basis with self deprecating humor.  When you tune in you will see he has loads of wisdom and heart to make your life better. In his most recent book titled Do Over, he tackles you and your career. Actually, he tackles himself first (nice of him)  which makes it much easier to digest and apply to yourself in this book. Thanks for taking one for the team, Jon.

With eye opening suggestions and straight out exercises, this is a great book to shake up yourself and your career in a good way. Great read, great fun, great wisdom!

Use this quote to motivate yourself when you are about to bite off a new challenge!

Click to tweet!  “You don’t learn something new and end up somewhere old.” – @JonAcuff




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