Join me on my creative adventure

This last year has been  an exciting year of creating for me. I have finally concluded that I will start posting over at I am roughly referring to the new posts as “The Occasional Blog” since I had been setting aside updates,  posts and inspirations in favor of straight out artist growth. But honestly, as I type out a few posts to get things up and running over there, it feels really good and I believe I will end up having quite a bit to say. I feel exhilarated about the work I am doing and what has inspired it. I will be changing over the facebook account and newsletter and you are welcome to make any decisions accordingly.

I do want to thank every single listener and follower that followed and participated in the conversation that has been Smart Creative Women/Art. It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know all of you and share a “cup of coffee” over the internet the past couple of years.

Even though the “Smart Creative Women” aspect of my journey is over,  the conversation at Monica Lee-Henell will just take on a new shift in a new space along with new art and art prints for sale.

I think, collectively, we could all use some deep breathing, and some contemplation on what and why we are creating. I know I needed to move away from the frenetic rush that the internet seems to promote. I desired the return to the gentle pull of wonder that has made me believe that good art and strong voices can change lives. (Especially your own!)

I do hope you join me as I move onto the next conversation.