Jill McDonald designs joyful memories

I met Jill McDonald  years ago when I was walking Print Source. Her art really stood out to me! It was bright, fresh and original and friendly. I have kept my eye on her as the years progressed and have been delighted to see her business excel! In this interview she talks about “the biz”! If you are selling your art for products or would like to one day, you need to tune in. Her art has covered just about everything from books to bedding! She has worked with some BIG clients and you’ll want hear what she has to say about staying true to yourself and growing your brand! Jill is offering insights as a long term industry insider. Find out what drives her to create and what her core beliefs about her art are as she shares her heart in this interview.

You can follow Jill McDonald on Pinterest to see her products in action and to see what inspires her!



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  • great interview and discussion of the realities of things. thank you for sharing!

  • claudinehellmuth

    fabulous interview! thanks to Jill for being so candid!

  • Cherish Flieder

    Jill, thanks for sharing your story. You are so inspired. Looking forward to seeing you at Surtex again.