Jessica Warner turns her passion for textiles into Twofold

Twofold was created by Australian native Jessica Warner Stites to channel her passion for distinctive textiles. She decided to open an online store to feature the remarkable work of textile designers. When she contacted me, I thought, “Perfect, women supporting women.”  Passion supporting designers. Jessica is a perfect example of marrying her creative passion up with the designers she showcases. Designers NEED outlets to sell their goods through.

Twofold offers a carefully edited selection of scarves, bags, table linens and fabric goods from designers who stand out for their inventive patterns and old-world craftsmanship.

Of course, I ask her the nitty gritty aspects of opening an online store…because we all want to know! She is a go getter and is opening a  Pop-Up Shop at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art on Tuesday, August 20- 25. If you live in or near Boulder CO, join her for the opening and drink a glass of bubbly!

P.S. Let’s raise a virtual toast to Jessica since it is her BIRTHDAY today!! (insert applause sounds :))

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  • Jess

    I really enjoyed talking with you, Monica! If only I had your natural
    ease in front of the camera! Thanks for including me on SCW – you’ve created such a great forum for creative women entrepreneurs.

    • I loved getting to know you better. Best of luck on your pop up shop!!

  • Nicky

    Wonderful interview, ladies. Love the scarves, Jessica! Monica; you MUST get to Santa Fe and Taos. I grew up in NM and it’s absolutely a destination to see for endless inspiration. Here is a book my mom co-wrote about Northern New Mexico weaving/textiles: Also: these incredibly talented weavers carrying on and creating new traditions:

    • That is totally cool! And YES, I need to go!!

  • April Heather Art

    Just catching up! You always ask the best questions! Jessica I could listen to you talk all day-such a soothing voice! Thoroughly enjoyed this today! I agree-get yourself to Santa Fe!