Jessica Swift, What’s new with you?

What is new with you?

“Gosh, LOTS! I have a new line of products coming out with Blend Fabrics this month — stationery, scrapbooking, tote bags, and stuff like that — and another new fabric collection coming out in April, and some new iPhone cases launching soon for Spring with Case-Mate. I’m also starting to get ready for Surtex, so I’m making new patterns and starting to paint quite a bit. I just released my 2013 Goal + Intention Kit, so it’s been fun watching that make its way out into the world, knowing people are using it to plan their amazing years. I’m also working on a new digital product called 100 Days of Color that I plan to release in March, a couple graphic design projects for clients, my friend Laura and I are working on our Sea Elves, and my friend Michelle and I have a book coming out together with North Light Publishing in June called The Declaration of You. Whew, it’s a busy year so far!”

Who and what are you into lately?


“Here are a few things on pinterest that are catching my eye recently:

Indian-inspired art. I can’t wait to go to India one day!

White + fluorescent colors. I wish my bedroom looked like this.

Inspiring/positive text-based art. It’s always good to have pretty reminders!

Dream catchers and feathers. Makes me feel all bohemian and mystical.

Baby alpacas. Most.adorable.things.ever.

Michelle Blade’s paintings. Simply gorgeous.

Patterned mocassins! Gotta get some of these.”


And how about a fun one? What are you hoping to tackle for 2013?

“Oh man, the list is endless! I’d like to: create a pattern-design e-course, get a solo book deal, get my next round of rain boots produced, get my paintings into a gallery here in Portland, create a new catalog and strengthen my brand through photographs, create several new e-book/e-kit type products, get my rain boots into a big national magazine, find a sales rep….. lots of big stuff!”

Are you traveling at all this year?

“I’m traveling a lot, actually, at least for the first part of the year. I’m headed to Atlanta for the Gift Show from January 9-12, I’m headed to Oaxaca, Mexico with my friend Laura for an inspirational creative retreat in February, and I’m also going to the Oregon coast in February for 6 days for a creative work retreat with 9 other amazingly inspiring and creative ladies, I’m planning to go to Colorado to visit my family in March, my husband and I are going to Hawaii for a week in April for vacation, I’ll be in NYC for Surtex in May, and then I’ll be headed back to Atlanta in July for the Gift Show again (where I have an exciting — and still secret — line of stuff launching with a wonderful company!). There may be a family trip to Key West thrown in there, too, in June. All this travel is very unusual– usually I’m pretty home-based! So I’m excited about lots of changes of scenery in 2013.”

  • LauraLH

    Great interview! Love Jessica’s palette, but mostly I love her creative bravery. Being creative takes more bravery than people know. 

    • ooo, definitely, creative bravery! beautiful!

  • Thank you, what a lovely and inspiring interview filled with good advices. Jessica is such a genuine artist!

  • Thank you, what a lovely and inspiring interview filled with good advices. Jessica is such a genuine artist!

  • always a treat to hear from Jessica! Love her work!